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RE: Shadow Ranks have been Boosted! Take a look at where you stand!

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this looks extremely shady to me... they say it will take 2% of your voting power every 5h.... it used 25.51% in 22h.... gave dollars in rewards for 30 cents? and it keeps taking all my voting power and giving nothing in return?¿ got my sister to register and both our accounts say we have given X to the pool when in reality we BOTH gave more than it shows and received LESS then it shows... all this in 22h...the first thing the bot did was to use the most powerfull votes on itself. why does it give "Shadow Reward" values on every post of mine? what does it mean? can someone please tell me what am i missing? ... feels alot like a pyramid...
EDIT: also it votes based on rewards? that means that if a whale vote for itself it gets the rewards first and higher %?

EDIT: I guess the shadow rewards is what the bots will give you? as i started getting upvotes from the pool on some of those posts.


After 24 hours joined I see 0.53 SBD contributed and 0.92 in earnings received! You should be earning more than you are giving! To clarify, we use our internal metric "Shadow Rank" to weight posts. As you see over time, your posts get lots of up votes, and you ultimately should earn more than you would without this service! Hope that clears up your confusions!

Thanks for being part of our system and if you have any comments/questions don't hesitate! We need your feedback to continue to expand and grow this system!

Happy steeming!

thanks for the feedback.

Shadow Rewards are the amount of earnings that post received from other members of ShadowBot. Your post:
expires in 33hrs, and has earned 1.294 SBD total reward, but Shadow Reward: 0.744931 SBD (57.57%) that all came from up votes thanks to ShadowBot:

You joined 1 day ago? You have to give it a week as it takes time for the voting to happen.

ok, thank you

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