Some interesting demographic trends

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The Wednesday traffic peak, has been a feature if steemit since the early days and so I thought I would do a little more digging.

The results were intriguing so I thought I would share.

Below is the graph of age demographics.

Some interesting trends appear.

  • the 25- 45 year age groups are our largest category
  • the other younger and older categories are not insignificant
  • these categories are more stable during the week and so it's the slice in the middle that make up the majority of our mid week peaks.

Below is the graph of gender demographics.

Its interesting to see the variation split between Guys and Gals

  • Guys are still the majority
  • Gals are the more stable group with more uniform usage during the week and with smaller peaks by comparison with the Guys

Steemit continues to Lead the Crypto world in having likely the largest % of women in the community.

As some have said "Steemit is bitcoin, only with girls"

It's great to see that steemit is continuing to reach and attract the non-traditional markets for crypto.

This is one of its strengths and has always been one of its defining characteristics. A wider reach will stand it in good stead as it attempts to take on the evolving crypto market as a leading medium of exchange.

This is another plus to add to its fee-less nature and speed which could help it to get to the head of the pack.


It's good to see a large demographic interested in cryptocurrency hand the numbers over 45 are interesting

"Bitcoin but with girls" lmao. That is to funny.

Thank You Mr @gavvet .. foto share your information

Best Regard

Very interesting indeed

Very interesting statistics. Did not realize that one of the hot topics for women is crypto.

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