Changing interests.

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I did a little analysis regarding interest types on and how they are changing.

This may give a few hints as to what topics are currently found interesting and which types of posts get real views.

I then compared this month so far with the same period last year and the changes are quite dramatic.

There is a huge move to interest in content classed as shoppers... and what's with all this about health and fitness?

I suppose there was little to none of this category of content available last year.

Financial services is still our largest In-market segment, due to all the crypto etc. related content, but that dominance has declined since last year

Interest in educational topics is intriguingly on the rise.

News related things of many varieties are also pulling a lot of traffic.

These classification also only represent about a third of all traffic, so it shows that there are many small categories getting reasonable amounts of views and that speaks to the ongoing diversification of the content and audience using the steemit website.

This is Google Analytics data and presents traffic from a front end perspective.


More diversification is better! I'm waiting for times, then steem content will be comparable in quality with paid one.

This is great. We want a fully diversified Steem. As long as we don't have too much in celebrity news, then I am good! I don't care what Taylor Swift does. :)

Out of all the top trending articles this was the only ones worth reading. The development of real new and different markets.

Celebrities have the numbers. If they join Steemit they will make a killing... and bring a lot of people to Steemit too. :)

i am looking for the best strategies. I just joined this month.

heheheheheheh you are right. celebrity news is the silly sh..
anyway is rocking and nothing happens in a hint. I am patient and waiting to see steemit competing with YouTube and other famous platforms.

Well, the thing about these aggregator sites is the people decide what's interesting (ideally).

Perhaps steemit will become like reddit after mainstream adoption.

when is the anticipated mainstream adoption?

I've been using Reddit for, what, 5 years? It didn't happen overnight if that's what you expect. It will take years at minimum.

Steemit should copy youtube's format without the demonetization and censorship. Most users don't want to read essays all day. More videos.

who are the technophiles?

Well said @kimor! I also hope celebrities are no going to dominate, there is so much more beyond that, and way more interesting too. I thing the balance in content seem healthy now, and thanks for this great report @gavvet.

I enjoy that my steemit feed very rarely has political news. I do like the arts, science, technology and great causes. Celebrity news is best left for sites like TMZ.

but...but what about the Kardashians! :(

@kimor, agreed. Diversity is a good mix.

Reddit was focused around few topics for the first years. We're diversifying very fast and that's something we should encourage. Even if you personally don't like something, there are people that will so provide support for those people as well. When the content is here, the people will follow. We're on a good track.

I would like to be informed if Taylor Swift is run over by a semi-truck...

Great analysis!

I think the interests on Steemit are unique and it's nice to see them changing. A change should reflect more people outside our bubble coming in

Hopefully the Steemit community will find the right balance between creating comment targeted to the general interest and consciously trying to bring more value to the platform whether it brings immediate reward or not.

I love this insight. Thank you.

This is very insightful. I like diversity and it is good to see such a wide variety of interests. It reminds me that there are a wide variety of great tags based on unique content outside of the top tags. I like the wide variety of news and how the arts outrank politics. I avoid political comments in general but I do enjoy steemit because I rarely see politically oriented content on steemit. Totally different experience on other social media platforms. I appreciate you for doing this research @gavvet !

Good! The more topics discussed, the better. You don`t want this platform to become a closed bubble going around the same thing all day :)

interezante resumen , buena informacion , gracias

Very interesting analysis! An important thing to notice and probably investigate that this correlates to traffic and real views and not value which is the driving force of the ecosystem. I wonder if there is a way to try and correlate value distribution by interests/niches in some way with this traffic data and see what kind of disparities are there. There are certainly going to be many I think.

Great analysis @gavet! The value shoppers interest could be a huge opportunity for growth. There are a ton of sites and blogs like Slickdeals and Krazy Coupon Lady that post great deals for their communities. Right now they primarily monetize through affiliate links where Steem could provide an additional revenue stream to earn just for sharing the deal. This could lead to better "deal" content as these bloggers would be incentivized to share only the best deals and not just offers where they have an affiliate relationship in place with the merchant. If anyone wants to start using Steem in this way let me know and I'd love to follow and help contribute

Well if we're being honest, its gonna end up like reddit and crypto had a child and made steemit. Think about it reddit's is massive and the portray themselves as the front page of the internet but people post on reddit for the community and because its fun but what happeneds when you add money to the equasion.

a few things actually

  1. You get REAL content creators and people who can make a living out of your platform

  2. You get a community incentivesed to be on your platform which breings out the good more than the bad in people cause " if im good or funny ill get more money" ? (well maybe)

  3. growth of every topic under the sun will come on your platform and it will grow massivly.

but there will always be the bad.

  1. schemers will always try to profit from an incentivised system and some will do this very well and some not so much

  2. we may have follow for follow (if we dont already )

  3. scams , clickbait and the rueining of everything

in the end things will change money will be made and sooner or later the admins will pop in and take down your post or the best part about this whole system they probably dont need admins cause the community will not even look at what they dont like.

That is very useful data. Thank you for the information. I certainly did my part in education. :D

That's the beauty of Steemit, the diversity, it definitely gets people from all works of life who are channel to their interests, A recent study was done of most cities in Africa that has made huge money in the Last 3 months, Financial services tops the list of area that made money for these cities..

So financial services are always the goose that lays the golden egg followed closely by real estate

Great information... thanks for the effort in compiling it!

To sum it up - Newly created Crypto Millionaires that are in News are spending/shopping a lot on Health & Fitness and probably Collecting Arts :)

You might be right. If so, go buy my art over at @AbstractArt and check out my homegirl Ashley's art over at @ahauvsart :)

Lol, thanks for the offer.. I am not a Crypto Millionaire yet, give me a couple of years, I will buy some of your lovely art work then...

Very kind of you to say. Here's wishing you loads of crypto success!

Same can be said for me. I wish you the best of luck bsameep!

Haha.. you got my upvote.

But I think Newly created Crypto Millionaires are divided between those who Spend/Shop a lot on Health & Fitness, and those who Spend their wealth on Arts & Entertainment... I'm not rich but if I was, I will be the latter type.

Ooh, I love all this data! Please keep it coming. What are value shoppers? For some reason I immediately pictured a heretofore unknown contingent of Extreme Couponers on Steemit whom I had managed to completely miss.

Hmm, I can't stand celebrities so I know that trend wasn't me.

Love to see all these details. It's not going to affect what I post because "I gotta be me. What else can I be?"

hmmm some interesting reading there, thank you @gavvet

This is great news. For the platform to survive and thrive it needs to diversify away from purely crypto and crypto topics and this seems to be happening. To make it successful we need to embrace a broad church and whilst the platform seems to still be heavily reliant on crypto content that appears to be changing.
Crypto needs to facilitate things like Steemit but ideally be invisible to the end user. I think steemit pretty much achieves that. Now we just need the content to diversify more to attract a wider audience

@gavvet Thanks for the report of différent topics, I was actually asking myself what was the position of Entertainment -gaming and streaming :) it sures tell me more about the interests of steemit profiles ;)

what a comprehensive job man

Steemit heading in the right direction!

Great post as always @gavvet! 100% UPVOTE!

@gavvet I think this trend is AWESOME! I want Steemit to have something for everyone. Better yet, I want a GUI that makes it very easy to consume the created content.

The future of Steemit is such that we need more consumers than creators, otherwise growth will be impossible. If creators are the primary users, we will have a forum where everyone will have megaphones and nobody can afford to turn down the noise and listen.

5 million consumers with low SP is more valuable than 5 creators with a vast amount. Digital despots are created by the concentration of power, and Steemit needs to see more consumption to balance things out.

OMG Celebrities news!

II can confirm that health and fittness are of high interest as I had an article posted in health and experienced significant feed-back for my level. It looks like people are more and more interested in how to have a healthier life, but to me that is normal. There are a lot of new diseases which even young people do experience and that could be a reason why they what to be more careful with their health. Not to say that the younger generations are more narcissistic and care a lot about their look so they search for ways to improve their look when they do not like it.

Interesting to see the diversity, thanks for sharing this.

This is a very useful reference for posters.

Excellent post. Amazing. Well done. I believe we will enjoy and have amazing time here to collaborate and learn for other members through writing.

Well, as steemit is growing in size in terms of users, it's only logical to see a rise in many types of interests. I guess in the early days of steemit, most users were people who's interests were mostly cryptocurrencies but now we see much more diversity here.

Thanks for sharing! This is definitely valuable information we all need to know as our platform Steemit continues to rapidly grow. Interesting to see the Avid Investors section go down, but that's only expected as we continue to get more and more people on board. Here come the facebook mom's and all of their shopping and educational posts! The more the merrier.

Well said michael!

Great stuff man, a very enlightening analysis.

Very interesting...I think it shows us the diversity of steemit. Gives the idea ample space for growth.

This is quite interesting...

Good analysis........this will help u to make followers........same way I follow u and u follow me........

I'd really like to see more in depth stuff on psychology and philosophy. Also, steemit can be an excellent platform to talk more about anime and cult hits that doesn't get any significant attention in the mainstream social media/news/blog landscape.

Cant believe I am only seeing this post now. nearly missed the boat to vote.

I was only recently wondering about this.

Where did you get access to this data? would like to combine Google Analytics data with steemit data to do some BI analysis

That is certainly an interesting analysis, certainly shows how diverse the interests are that bring people to steemit. Great article.

Follow me..
And vote also yaa..

Amazing post and good references.

Very interesting and informative graphs. Simple and educational. I've also noticed this is a very diverse community which is filled with critical thinking and acceptance to all opinions, conversations can be had and everyone seems to be collected and rational. Love the atmosphere! Steem on my friends.

Numbers dont lie people do. Thank You For Stats!

All this is Steemit user data? Quite enlightening, the categories as well as the changes.
So as per my understanding, this seems to show that shoppers' topics are rising the most and the financial market news topics are going downhill the most. Thanks for putting this together @gavvet!

I wonder how it will be compared to next year. This information will be nothing. The numbers will be big too.

We can analyze the interest of users to certain topics!
Interest will always change. But the main thing is that basically the interest grows!

This is quite interesting.

Cool... I hope soon more :)

Steemit has to diversify and offer something for everyone. We need to encourage everyone to come on and add their two cents. The more Steemit has the less need to go anywhere else.

Nicely put together , interesting breakdown on the data flow

It's not that bad to do some analytics. More detailed research will give you a better understanding what areas are more popular lately.

Thanks for sharing , the rise in educational content/courses on steemit great news for me as in the sector,keep on steeming

It's important to keep in mind that it's not necessarily people's interests which are changing; the contributors and consumers of content are becoming more varied. I definitely think it's good for the longevity of the platform that people with different interests are entering the Steemit community.

thats interesting....steemit is getting popular day by day so its natural to see it in different interest...i thought it will be primarily focused on cryptocurrencies.... but look how it focuses on different fields....

i think theres really more platform steemit can bring us.... way to go steemians...

yes, the other topic areas have to expand in order for to expand, or otherwise it's going to remain a club of mostly cryptonerds. the only other strong areas seem to be travel, photography, and food /// peace

Your analysis is quite accurate. But I think it takes more time to be more accurate!!

Where does beer related info belong? Which category?

With bigger growth comes a lot more diversified Steemit. It's what happens when you're going mainstream haha! From my little end here, I've been able to see a diverse array of topics in my feed and it's cool to see that this is happening throughout the entire platform.

Well done.

Thank u very much for you're information. I really know this...

Excellent post. Amazing. Well done. I believe we will enjoy and have amazing time here to collaborate and learn for other members through writing.

Interesting to see what the interest is here, wonder how it equates out with ages of folks. Thank You for sharing this @gavvet!

Perhaps posts that target these specific areas would do well.

Thanks for the keyword stats! Really useful!

Hi, that's a nice post, really liked and enjoyed it. Follow me! :)

interesting data.
I hope I can make a contribution to the financial services topic with my blog to take a look besides crypto.
I am looking forward to see how many people are interested in that kind of content.

I got fined for putting up a tent in the mountains ⛰.
The police guy came and told me this was owned by the county and I didn't have the right to tent and camp there, afterwards fining me for my EXTREME CRIME of sleeping.

Very insightful. Thank you for posting!

Really helpful, if you like you can follow me too, thanks...

I think your steemit life is good :-)
please follow me.

Excellent post. Amazing. Well done. I believe we will enjoy and have amazing time here to collaborate and learn for other members through writing.

Great news, Good to see the platform doing well, crazy how even in its beta its doing so well.

Good analysis, thanks for sharing information @gavvet

thanks much i'm truly enlightened , great post keep sharing

What a fantastic idea for an article. This will help any content creator immensely who may be struggling to figure out what type of content to write.

Thanks again for taking the time to look up this data with Google Analytics!

That's very useful to know. I appreciate you posting this.

Amazing analysis you got here. Monitoring the growing trend of interest in the steemit community goes a long way in ensuring the enthusiastic disposition of members and discourages boring routine. Great work.

Thanks for sharing the great post @gavvet. This is the great post.
I @viqral very like this post. Beucause this post is usefull for all of steemian..
And now you have share to them...
Keep steem on @gavvet.
I will be wait for your next time post :)
One more, thanks for all of sharing

nice post... :)

Tremendous analysis done and i just loved the way you described all categories with bar graphs and %
i just loved increase in Educational and health and fitness category but i think they should increase it even more as these are main basic things a person need

Glad to see other topics are gaining traction on Steemit. I've just been writing random stuff and doing fairly well in the gaming and books tags. Hopefully your findings will help me produce even more diverse content!

Glad to see #art and entertainment is getting more interest, I'm more of #anime and #gaming guy.. Art is my thing!!

I didn't expect that interest in crypto related things to decline than the year before, I though Crypto is the main topic of steemit community.

informative post

@gavvet, interesting bits of information, to be sure!

A cool side-by-side comparison might be to see what topics sit in "featured" on a weekly basis... vs. what topics dominate Google driven traffic for the same period. It would offer some insight into what content creators publish in the hopes it might be popular vs. what searches show people are actually looking for.

Thank you for sharing!

thank you for smiling

Nice post @gavvet, this really helps us as new steemers!

That was inlighting. I m new user and the educational topics are more intresting to me.

good post , i follow and resteem.

What exactly are "mobile enthusiasts"? As in mobile phones and things of that nature?

Thank you for sharing this. This is great to check out for the trending topics that are getting attention. I always like to see the topics of interest. Even if they change where they are rated at lease I can see the most viewed and searched for. I even search for some of them myself just to keep up to date on the news.

This is great, I appreciate this post. I was just discussing some of the shifts with a fellow member. As a new member myself, I was curious if I would be able to add value to this community, now I feel more confident that I can contribute some solid content that may be of interest to some in the community. Love the research, keep it up!!

Bethany, yeah, agreed. A great community too.

that was awosome..great post.

test comment


Nice post! Thank for sharing @gavvet

how many sample for questions people....?may be yes may be no...., how about culture country....

I do like your graph. I actually think that the health and Fitness Industrie Booms, especially strengthsports like crossfit bodybuilding powerlifting get more and more popular among both genders.
But i hope it does not get like Instagram :D

huhhh that might come handy someday.

Very good post and excellent report ... it is good to know ... I like to write and give an opinion on different topics, specially things about my country, Argentina, and political issues and sports, among others

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