Changing interests.

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I did a little analysis regarding interest types on and how they are changing.

This may give a few hints as to what topics are currently found interesting and which types of posts get real views.

I then compared this month so far with the same period last year and the changes are quite dramatic.

There is a huge move to interest in content classed as shoppers... and what's with all this about health and fitness?

I suppose there was little to none of this category of content available last year.

Financial services is still our largest In-market segment, due to all the crypto etc. related content, but that dominance has declined since last year

Interest in educational topics is intriguingly on the rise.

News related things of many varieties are also pulling a lot of traffic.

These classification also only represent about a third of all traffic, so it shows that there are many small categories getting reasonable amounts of views and that speaks to the ongoing diversification of the content and audience using the steemit website.

This is Google Analytics data and presents traffic from a front end perspective.


More diversification is better! I'm waiting for times, then steem content will be comparable in quality with paid one.

This is great. We want a fully diversified Steem. As long as we don't have too much in celebrity news, then I am good! I don't care what Taylor Swift does. :)

Out of all the top trending articles this was the only ones worth reading. The development of real new and different markets.

Celebrities have the numbers. If they join Steemit they will make a killing... and bring a lot of people to Steemit too. :)

i am looking for the best strategies. I just joined this month.

heheheheheheh you are right. celebrity news is the silly sh..
anyway is rocking and nothing happens in a hint. I am patient and waiting to see steemit competing with YouTube and other famous platforms.

Well, the thing about these aggregator sites is the people decide what's interesting (ideally).

Perhaps steemit will become like reddit after mainstream adoption.

when is the anticipated mainstream adoption?

I've been using Reddit for, what, 5 years? It didn't happen overnight if that's what you expect. It will take years at minimum.

Steemit should copy youtube's format without the demonetization and censorship. Most users don't want to read essays all day. More videos.

who are the technophiles?

Well said @kimor! I also hope celebrities are no going to dominate, there is so much more beyond that, and way more interesting too. I thing the balance in content seem healthy now, and thanks for this great report @gavvet.

I enjoy that my steemit feed very rarely has political news. I do like the arts, science, technology and great causes. Celebrity news is best left for sites like TMZ.

but...but what about the Kardashians! :(

@kimor, agreed. Diversity is a good mix.

Reddit was focused around few topics for the first years. We're diversifying very fast and that's something we should encourage. Even if you personally don't like something, there are people that will so provide support for those people as well. When the content is here, the people will follow. We're on a good track.

I would like to be informed if Taylor Swift is run over by a semi-truck...

Great analysis!

I think the interests on Steemit are unique and it's nice to see them changing. A change should reflect more people outside our bubble coming in

Hopefully the Steemit community will find the right balance between creating comment targeted to the general interest and consciously trying to bring more value to the platform whether it brings immediate reward or not.

I love this insight. Thank you.

This is very insightful. I like diversity and it is good to see such a wide variety of interests. It reminds me that there are a wide variety of great tags based on unique content outside of the top tags. I like the wide variety of news and how the arts outrank politics. I avoid political comments in general but I do enjoy steemit because I rarely see politically oriented content on steemit. Totally different experience on other social media platforms. I appreciate you for doing this research @gavvet !

Good! The more topics discussed, the better. You don`t want this platform to become a closed bubble going around the same thing all day :)

interezante resumen , buena informacion , gracias

Very interesting analysis! An important thing to notice and probably investigate that this correlates to traffic and real views and not value which is the driving force of the ecosystem. I wonder if there is a way to try and correlate value distribution by interests/niches in some way with this traffic data and see what kind of disparities are there. There are certainly going to be many I think.

Great analysis @gavet! The value shoppers interest could be a huge opportunity for growth. There are a ton of sites and blogs like Slickdeals and Krazy Coupon Lady that post great deals for their communities. Right now they primarily monetize through affiliate links where Steem could provide an additional revenue stream to earn just for sharing the deal. This could lead to better "deal" content as these bloggers would be incentivized to share only the best deals and not just offers where they have an affiliate relationship in place with the merchant. If anyone wants to start using Steem in this way let me know and I'd love to follow and help contribute

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