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in steemit •  2 years ago

Hi all, a brief note and full disclosure: i'm currently experimenting with auto upvote bots and other services for my previous post regarding Docker.

I have decided to upvote that post rather than one specifically for testing so that at the same time i'm providing actual useful content.

Please keep an eye on the votes on that post to see the results of this experiment.

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Another update: trying the @booster service with 1SBD resulted in a huge pile of upvotes as can be seen on steemd.com.

It's possible these upvotes are simply delayed upvotes from other services that use user accounts to do the upvotes, or they could be manual - so it's difficult to know for certain, but so far it appears @booster is quite profitable for generating upvotes.


An update on @booster

@booster itself has only just responded with a very low-weight upvote - making me question my previous statement that the huge pile of upvotes were as a result of using @booster


I've signed up my account with minnowsupport, steemvoter and similar and had the post upvoted by minnowsupport and minnowbooster.

The bots from minnowsupport should now auto-upvote all my posts. In a few hours i'll try other services (once rewards from earlier posts come in).


Not all of our bots, but yes, lovebot and shanehug are both going to be updated to upvote your posts about 30min after they are created.

We really don't need any new auto upvote bots....


I'm not writing any new ones, i'm experimenting with existing ones to see how they work with my own content.


So you're testing their validity / upvote strength? Or you're testing how to get the biggest reward when you use it?

I'm a little confused? I saw you mentioned something about another post but didn't see which post you were referring to.

New update:

Sent 1SBD each to @nettybot and @lovejuice (the latter is weirdly sexual-sounding in its explanation of how it works), awaiting results.


@nettybot has just placed a 45% upvote, at the current SP nettybot has, this is NOT profitable (1SBD for a 0.85SBD return)


@lovejuice has just upvoted with 37.5% weight, at the current SP and vote power it has, that works out to the upvote being worth 0.62SBD - this is also not profitable, and I would suggest lowering the amount sent to about 0.1SBD max for this service.