PSA: There Are Scammy Scammersons Amongst Us

in steemit •  10 months ago

While Steemit is incredible in many ways, it is unfortunately not immune to liars, cheaters, scammers, and thieves. 

Stories of scammers are becoming more common on here, so it's all the more important to stay vigilant and alert one another to potential threats on our beloved Steemit. It is up to US to protect each other! 

Yesterday user @steem. (with a period) contacted us via private message, representing themselves as the Steemit account @steem (without a period).

This user sent the unsolicited message that for the low, low price of only 15 SBD, they would give us their 100% "high vote value" upvote.

For anyone unaware, @steem is the 5th richest account on Steemit. Why on Earth would they need to beg for peanuts from random users??

We're encouraging everyone to have a serious think about these things should they happen to you - QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! 

We called them out and have yet to receive a reply, so now we're going to call them out here on the blockchain, hopefully make some $steem from being honorable, and use the funds to serve more people than ever before - because that's how we roll.

It's disappointing to see an increase of scammers & spammers on this platform, but we'll stay focused on the positive, keep building the world we want to live in, and trust the universe will sort out what everyone deserves!


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imagine a world full of honest people. How great would that be. Great work on calling these turds out on there scam.
Scammy scammersons- When I saw that I had to laugh because I do that too, only with different root words of course. 👍🏻👍🏻


We would LOVE to see a world full of honest people - that's why we make honor, responsibility, and accountability a foundation of our lives. It's up to us to be the change & inspire a better way!
Glad we can give you a laugh, @jlsplatts :)

This just means Steemit is moving to the mainstream. It's a good thing and a bad thing. Simple fix, write code that automatically makes your steemit chat name from your steemit account name. No more anonymous chat users.


It's extremely unfortunate that lying, cheating, and scamming is mainstream, and it's broken people who are programmed to be that way. Takes a lot of conscious effort to rewrite the human code! It's awesome that the blockchain can uphold integrity to a certain degree, and it's up to users to hold each other accountable.


Indeed it is, better to face the facts than pretend everything is unicorns and rainbows. One day the world will change and those who do not change with it will face a long hard road alone but we are not there yet. We will get there.

Thanks for the alert. I've read some other similar stories online. It's important that such users and their IPs get banned permanently.

Good job.

Steem on!


Thanks for the support, @ugetfunded - we have to look out for each other!

Thanks for giving everyone a heads up on this scammer. It’s great to have people stick together against them so they cannot scam other people. Hopefully they will not be able to get away with it and no one gets taken by them.


Absolutely, what good is a community without some base values...honesty could be a no-brainer, as could looking out for one another. Society really needs a revolution in values, and liars, thieves, cheaters, and scammers need to be held accountable!


I couldn't agree with that more.

is it just me or are the scammer getting more and more these days?


We're noticing more.

This seems to be on the increase. I've not had it myself in chat yet, but it's a matter of time.


The spammers have been a more significant nuisance lately, but scammers are popping up more frequently. Quinn was contacted by a @sweetssj impersonator recently as well. Looks like someone (or multiple someones) are trying to make a cheap, dishonest SBD off the more powerful accounts. It's important to let others know of threats to the integrity of this community!

Thanks for the information sir.

Good information..../////

I've got that kinda message too from steemit chat, he sends me a huge sp info screen shot, and asked me to send 7$ to get upvote from him. It's sad to see this kinda people exist in steemit, I am afraid a newcomer will believe it and send him money.


Good catch ! We all appreciate the diligence, Thank you !

"- because that's how we roll." Hell yeah !

"Lets Roll"
Imagine ....


Rolling into the NEW Paradigm!!!