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Well @aunt-deb, @hethur240 and @goldendawne, I thought I would toss in my schedule of "How I Steemit". This question is appropriately timed as I have taken a week off of Steemit and traveled down to see my son at University for a few days. Boy when I got back it was like I had been gone for a year. I was lost, so many new people on Discord, and tons and tons of excellent post with great content on the bulletin board, and I missed some neat contests. So getting back into it after a week is brutal. It's not like you can just pick up where you left off.

My typical day on Steemit starts at precisely 8:07 am when my daughters bus comes rolling along. Then I let the dog out for her 2nd pee and fill the water bowl, give her breakfast, feed the cats, and water "James Brown" "Elvis" and "Cher" my favorite house plants.


Then head down to my Laptop with the second coffee of the day in hand. First thing I usually do is pop my head in to say good morning to the crew on Discord. I belong to a few channels so I say good morning to most. It's always a giggle when someone throws back a good evening or good afternoon.

Then I head straight to the bulletin board to see all the excitement that happened over night. I only get to vote with pennies so I try to spread my votes each day over several of my friends. Then I pause for a moment and run to the laundry hampers and grab whatever clothes are stuffed in them and put a wash on, then right back to the laptop.

Dog Feeding Station.jpg

I took some time a few months back to write down in my STEEMIT Journal all the interesting topics that I wanted to cover over the next few NON gardening Months. My topics are usually inspired by an experience that I had recently, or a topic that I am dying to learn more about. So next I pick a topic and start my research and start writing out the post picking my pictures etc.

Then I run to the dryer and throw the load in or in the summer toss it on the clothesline, while in laundry room I peek in the freezer and grab something for supper and let it thaw. Then it's back to the laptop and formulate and officially make my post. Then I start reading my replies and commenting on post that interest me. Then I go and nibble on some kind of brunch. At this time I get outside for a bit and take the dog for a walk around the property, and check the mail.

Now its 1:00 and I get back on to the laptop. I start chatting on Discord and get lost in conversation. Then the dryer bell will ding and I go and fold the load and put it away. Then I jump into the shower. Then I get back on the laptop and check the bulletin board again.

Not all days turn out like this as in my life anything can turn on a dime and I have to stop what I am doing and go and tend to sometimes a crazy busy schedule. My daughter is a competitive Gymnast so she has practices twice a week, and then there are the school functions and sports that as a good mom I go and watch and cheer her on even when she is loosing, and then of course there are doctor, dentist and vet appointments, so my perspective you gotta take the punches when they roll. STEEMIT is a great way to socialize especially for the folks out there like me who live in small town rural Canada. LOL I guess you could say "I don't get out much". The Homesteading community keeps me smiling and on my toes, and gives me purpose to my days in the long cold winter, and the help I need in the Spring and Summer with my gardens, and for that I am ever so grateful to have you all in my life. Thank you.


I can relate to being lost—and I was just sick for several days and unable to get on here as much! I can’t imagine being away for a week!

Wow a week a way, its hard to manage a day away lol Everything changes to quickly for my liking :)

I can't imagine a week away from here. Wow! That would be tough to pick a place to dive in. Cool to see how you weave Steemit in between tasks throughout the day - like a common thread stringing it all together!

Thank you @aunt-deb, It is horrible being away for a week. I am affraid that I will miss in someones heart break of losing an animal, or if someone has a great week with egg hunting. LOL. I really did miss you all.

Well, the advantage of the blockchain is that those posts are there forever. So if you feel inclined on a day when you're stuck inside, you can still track them down at your leisure.

You sound a bit like me! I also have a daughter who's a competitive gymnast, so I often end up writing up articles while I wait at training for the 3-4 hours. Then I'll get as much done online as I can in the 1hr free WiFi window. - minismallholding

I was only gone for 12 hours and it was like I'd dropped off the earth! I'd be lost too after a week. Glad you're back and that you had a good time with your kids. Thanks for sharing your Steemy day!

We get so much done in a day. Thank you for sharing your day. I am so happy that i work from home. So for most of my small breaks. I have made so many friends and when I am away I miss interacting with them so much. Since I joined steemit other social media accounts are dormant.

LOVE how this is starting to go around! Thanks @aunt-deb!

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