The Steemit Problem: The Platform Where the Bad and Ugly get Rewarded.

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   There is a problem on Steemit that knocks out the little man and rewards the bad and the ugly. Steemit claims to a be a platform to reward high quality content articles. However in reality it is farthest from the truth you can possibly get. In fact Steemit is a platform that rewards the bad and the ugly with no real value. The platform is controlled by greed, and we all know that any system control by greed will fail.
   When I first heard of Steemit I was excited, thinking I can come on this platform and write some good articles and get rewarded for high quality content, I soon discovered the opposite. The longer I was on the platform and surfing the articles I soon discovered those who make the money are the same people as always. I have come to learn this platform is about who you know and how big your wallet is. Just take a look on the trending page, most of the articles are shit, useless, so hard to read it's like trying to put a puzzle together only to discover the puzzle sending off mixed messages.
   The sad part is there are people like me who know how to create content, that has a back ground in writing and content creation, and yet we make nothing, then turn around seeing content providers with short articles and making hundreds. Some of those articles are two hundred word analysis on a crypto, and half on the article is a disclaimer. Sad.   
  It is sad to see the turn this platform is taking, and yet I am still here along with many more, because we see the value, but there has to be a change. A system controlled by greed will fail. Steemit is the most centralized decentralized platform I have come across. A few hold the power, and they get all the rewards.
  There are top notch writers on this platform with amazing talent, and yet what do they receive for a reward? A few up-votes and a couple of cents. Steemit is growing into a garbage bump of crap content. For to long if they not careful it will be the garbage bump of the internet.

The Potential

  I have given you my rant on the bearish issues, and there are many. However, I see huge potential for the platform. Steemit can be the next Reddit, even bigger. Reddit is aimed more at discussion and Steemit is aimed toward content creation, with this difference Steemit has a potential to sky rocket for its ability to bring high quality content creators that can create content with value. At the moment though, and it is sad to say, it will be hard to keep the content creators if they don't fix this problem were the bad and ugly make all the money. In a true decentralized system merit should stand out and not who you know and the size of your wallet.
  Another reason I see huge potential is the user base and cult like following, no other platform in the crypto world have I seen such loyalty. For this reason it brings huge value to the platform. People are rooting for Steemit and we all want to see it succeed and blossom into something beautiful.
  Steemit also brings value through education, and this is something that most people don't realize or take in consideration. Through it's incentive to reward content providers it draws people in to create content. Most of these content creators have no prior experience, but once they get to the site and make their first post, they are on a journey of discovering the tricks and trade of content creation, and through repetition they are teaching themselves skills they would have never gotten if they had no incentive. Money is powerful motivator. So, by the user coming on the platform and creating content they are educating themselves, and education is perhaps the biggest value of any and all platforms, systems, etc. By these people staying and creating, even though they make nothing, in the long run the content on Steemit will get better and better. One day, years from now if Steemit fixes some issues, Steemit will be the place to go to consume high quality content. Never under estimate the power of repetition

Finale Thought

  In the long run I am bullish for Steemit. Once the Platform works out its kinks and bugs, and improve interface usability it could explode and become the place to go to consume high quality content. The beautiful thing about Steemit is that is has a use case scenario that most other crypto assets do not. It gets high volume of traffic and a cult like following bringing value to the platform.   
  The one thing I've noticed above all other is this feeling I get that the whales are in cohort with each other and controlling the market, and it turns into that same thing that has plagued mankind since the beginning, those with money push their ideas and up-vote their agendas, leaving the small with little or no voice at all. It reminds me of a cartel.   
  We need to stop rewarding the bad and the ugly and rewarding the people who create high quality content that has real value. As it stands now on this platform is a money racket. If you want to make free money just invest a lump sum and up-vote your own content, and some these people have multiple accounts and spread their money into those accounts and use one account to write a shit content and up-vote themselves using their other accounts. If you got a good chunk of money to invest in Steemit you can make a killing by up-voting your content and never have to get a job because you can take advantage of the system, and the problem this leads into is that the reward pull is distributed to a select few with big wallets.
  Even though I said I was bullish for the Steemit, and I am, but what scares me the most is what is keeping some other developer from creating another platform separate from Steemit? Suppose the  developer has used Steemit and see's all the bad issues that could be solved, and created a more ethical platform where there is no use of bots and harder for whales to take advantage of the system? What would happen to Steem? I mean why would high content creators stick around when they can go to another platform and get rewarded like they deserve? Switch to a system that doesn't reward the bad, greedy, and the ugly? I'm no developer, but I have enough common sense to know it can and most likely will be done, and if Steemit isn't careful it will lose the race over greed.
  I hope I didn't step on any toes or blush any cheeks with anger, if so, than I apologize. In a decentralized system everyone no matter of race, age, male or female, or the size of your wallet, should have an equal opportunity. Yes it is true, some people will always make more than others and have fat wallets, but that wallet shouldn't control or dictate the system in anyway. In a true decentralized system everyone is governed by the basic principles or laws that governs the system, and disbands anyone or thing trying to take to much power. A true decentralized system should have protocols in place to stop such people from forcing their ideas and by up-voting their agendas. A true decentralized system is for one and for all that represents opportunity and the freedom to express the basic rights that every human being was born with. Much love, Hope, and Peace, let the good fortune be on your side.  

“Its true contemporary technology permits decentralization, it also permits centralization. It depends on how you use the technology.” ~ Noam Chomshy

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