steemit power up, steemit dollar down

in #steemit5 years ago

no matter how many times i try to increase my steemit power, with the despiration of increasing my steemit dollar; i always find my steemit  power decresing in value, not withstanding the amount of curation reward/blogging reward i get everyday.

what i seem not to understand is;  am i not putting enough work in posting and blogging, or is it that, my steemit dollar is being valued by the higher/lower  the price of steem is in the market?. someone should please up date poeple like me and others in the community so that there will be clarity on the issue and also to redirect others approach towards a higher productivity and greater outcome in this platform

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I believe it's a fluctuation of actual value. Your content either has value for a payout or it doesn't. Your power doesn't go down over time because people lose interest in your already posted items. I have noticed from day to day my "dollar" value will be down even after payouts and curation award like you said. I would just suggest you keep at it, trying to effectively grow your power then when it gets big enough try and cash out when it's at a beneficial level. Like the stock market lol

than ks for your input ,how do you cash on when it get to beneficary level?