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Hello dear Steemians!

In this article I want to show you a cool feature for Steemians, which I have found some weeks ago: How you can lease Steem Power to support your supporters and to boost your own post- & comment-rewards!

How is it working and what is the use of leasing Steem Power?

Steem Power is influencing how much your upvotes are worth and as more Steem Power you have, as higher rewards other people & you are earning with your upvotes.

You can still earn Steem Power by posting articles & comments here on Steemit and the only other way to raise your Steem Power was to "Power Up" your account by buying STEEM and deosit it in your Steem Power balance.

So Steem Power is STEEM, you can withdraw it by "Powering Down" and you can never loose your own Steem Power by voting. Giving Upvotes costs you nothing, only the so called "Voting Power" is going down with every upvote, but it is recovering automatically.

You can always see your current Voting Power, how long it propably takes until it is completely recovered again and how much your Upvote (with your current Steem Power + Voting Power) is worth, on: www.steemnow.com

You can find another great feature on the website too: A calculator how much your upvote would be worth with a specific amount of Steem Power!

Here is the direct link to the calculator: https://www.steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html

There you can calculate how much you can earn propably earn per upvote with a leased amount of Steem Power, in addition to your own Steem Power. And now I will show you how it works.

MinnowBooster Quick Tutorial: How to Lease Steem Power

1. Go to minnowbooster.com, click on "Lease from Bot" and enter your information:


Note: For leases that are 4 weeks or longer MinnowBooster offers leases of 185SP per STEEM per week.


Click on "Lease" if you are ready and you have enough STEEM in your Steemit Account for the amount of Steem Power you want to lease.

2. Confirm your leasing request by connecting to your Steemit account via SteemConnect:


The STEEM amount will be reduced from your Steemit account automatically and your leasing request will be added to the "New Leasing Requests" list on minnowbooster.com.

You will receive a message when your request was filled and you will find it in your transaction list in your Steemit Wallet. If the request wouldn´t be confirmed after 3 days, the STEEM would be transfered back to your account, but the requests are filled very fast in the moment.

I think this is a great opportunity for all Steemians to give themselfes and others a great boost for a while and if the leasing rates will stay as they are currently, it could be lucrative a long-term re-invest opportunity too. In the moment it makes sense to always reinvest a part of the Steem you are earning with your leased Steem Power to lease more Steem Power, so that your upvote worth will raise more & more.

Im testing it since around 2 weeks now and MinnowBooster generally offers really nice features for Steemians, such as selling votes, delegate Steem Power to other users, or the bot etc... This are even great passive income sources for people with high Steem Power, but not so many time for posting/voting! Better than just storing STEEM in Steem Power, but not using the POWER of the STEEM POWER. :-)

Have you already tried some of the services by @minnowbooster too?

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

Jonas Ahrens

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HI, @future24 Can you please explain what does this sp per steem per weak means?

Sehr gutes Tutorial!


Danke fürs Feedback @mikenero!


Gerne doch :-)

Gut nachvollziebar erklärt. Bin auch Kunde ;-)


Danke dir für dein Feedback @andyjaypowell!


Sehr gerne ; enhanced den Fun ungemein mit dem MB Leasing ;-)


Haha ja, auf jeden Fall, ist eine sehr coole Sache! Da kann man sich auch mal wie ein Steemit-Delfin fühlen. :-) Steem On!


Stimmt, aber man votet auch irgendwie noch ungehemmter -
Du auch wie ich sehe..... Deine VP ist noch weiter down als meine ;-)

Dir auch ein Steem on...

anschaulich erklärt!
Muss ich mir auch mal überlegen, ob ein Leasing nicht sinn macht

This is Amazing tutorials, It helps all of Steemians. Thanks for sharing this helpful tutorial.


Thank you for your feedback @hassanjony!


you are welcome

Thank you @future24! Great post I have used minnowbooster for their upvote service but you have me thinking about leasing some sp now thank you for another great post.


Thank you very much for your feedback @funny-videos!

excellent tutorial, quite explicit and you were to the point.
many should learn from you.
The only doubt that I remain about it was in when it comes to rent that SP?


Thank you @merryslamb!
If you like, you can find more information on the website and on @minnowbooster. 👌


Thanks darling!

wow you upload your post. I am always wating your post.

Can i have get your permission to resteem your blog. please tell me @future


Yes for sure you can restemm my posts, thanks @kaysar07. 👌


thanks for permission

I am just afraid that at the moment I lease, I might not be able to pay then. Thank you for this a lot by the way. I am contemplating now.


You can´t lease without beeing able to pay for it, so don´t worry about this.
You have to have enough Steem on your account @gailbelga. 👌

Thank you so much for sharing nice tutorials you are a good man for me.

How to get upvote from bots can anybody tell me that?

Thanks for the instruction. And can I rent a Steem website?

I don't see "Lease from bot" button :S

@future24 very nice blog, it will help for understand the steem power, vote, rate calculate. it is very nice idea that we can buy steem power and this steem power that can help for upvoting.

Will we get it back? If yes, then how?

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