Interview: Steemit´s CEO Ned Scott explains how Steemit works!

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Hello everyone, today I have found this interesting interview with Steemit´s CEO Ned Scott by Naomi Brockwell on Youtube and I want to share it with you for the case that you also haven´t seen it so far!

Naomi Brockwell is also on Steemit and her username is @skycorridors. She is very amazed about the Steemit platform and is also actively posting on Steemit.

Here you can watch the interview in which @Ned Scott explains the Steemit ecosystem, the first Social-Media-Blogging-Platform which is rewarding their users for creating content, upvoting others and for investing in the cryptocurrency STEEM:


There is also a very interesting article by the Steem Witness @timcliff about why it is time to start paying attention to the cryptocurrency STEEM now and here is the link to his very detailed post about this topic:

If you haven´t seen it so far, I can suggest you to read and share the word about it!


Greetings and hear you!

Jonas - @future24


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cool. this is what i looking for so long.

Very nice, thanks for the feedback!

he covered all. but what type of post will go long in steemit.

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I will watch this video!

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