Beast mode! That shit looks tasty lol

Dang! That's bigger than your stomach!

That is tons of food right there buddy haha

Diabetes if not heart condition would ensue soon.

Respect guys!
What a crazy challenge xD
Please visit my blog and vote me too!!!

could watch your videos the whole day. keep up the cool work!

I thought the post must have some relations with blockchain..

Why would you think that? DTube is built on top of the Steem blockchain but that does not mean that the videos here on DTube has to be about the blockchain, would be kind of boring if they all were.

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All I can think now is that's time for dinner.. Need more food :)

Pete does one of this things were you thing: I could do that! It's just eating! Unless you try to do only 20% of what he does and fail miserably. :)

Im a phonatic myself...

What a monster

Awesome one......

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What a crazy Challenge :D
But respect guys.
I think I have to try it also one day :)

6KG or it isn't impressive...jk! hahaha Damn that is no joke!! Love it! Any and all food challenges I am all in! :)

Be safe dude by that food LOOKS DELICIOUS

That looks so good. Hope it tastes as good as it looks, man.

I want that😍

You've made me pretty hungry..

hey by fa can help me to be stentemit in steemit as for example with votes, and reesteemear for me in steemit and follow me clear

Hola, pido ayuda para ser una persona potencial en steemit, como pedir votos, reesteemiar y seguirme en mi página steemit ya que no tengo movimiento

LOL 😂😂😂

lol @ the cashier girl in the back

Looks like so much fun!

dont try this if you are not professional

Tentador al paladar! quisiera degustarlo. Buen Post.

OMG!! :) good job

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