The nicest thing someone had done for me on Steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago

Today I woke up to one of the best surprises in my life.

I had been running for witness for a while, and yesterday I've made it to the outskirts of top 19, a 21st slot to be more precise. One of the major dilemmas for new witnesses is, that for them to become a witness, an existing witness must necessarily lose their spot.

To my surprise, @liondani had unvoted himself, and voted me in, essentially giving me his witness slot.

@liondani, I cannot even begin to describe the joy and gratefulness you've brought me.
Thank you.

I hope that our paths cross in the future, and I get the privilege of meeting you.

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Congrats and welcome to the top19 pantheon, it was about time to see you there ;)

Thanks for your mention and your kind words but first credits deserve @good-karma ...


sorry I cannot support you guys further - all you three have my witness votes already... :)


That is a super uplifting story!


That was really nice of you! :)


This is so nice of people to show community. Awww!

Yeah @liondani is a great dude... you both totally deserve a top 19 spot.

Wow, that is a great situation. Big up @liondani! And congrats to you!

liondani, good-karma, and furion in one story? beautiful <3

I've seen many examples of @liondani's generosity previously, but this tops it. He is an incredibly generous man. Well done @liondani. Proud to call you a brother in Christ. :)

@liondani is an awesome dude, always looking out for others :)

Cool. Good luck. As it happens I support all three anyway. Good going @liondani, @good-karma, and @furion

Kudos to you @furion Good luck in your new witness slot. :)
And shout-outs to @liondani and @good-karma too

Very cool!

@liondani is the man :)

Wow, impressive...

Free Popcorn for All!!!

Very cool @Furion


loved your story! Followed and upvoted :-)

Very nice,,,

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I have voted for you as my witness. Thank you for your support @furion

Very nice, but

one of the best surprises in my life
... aim higher and higher :)

@liondani I voted for you. good luck!

Your reward for being in Promoted is an upvote and 0.046 SBD extra promotion.
Good job, keep your contents promoted! :)

Success they say is a destination and once you get there, you wait for others, @liondani you were not just satisfied waiting but went on to give a helping hand to @furion and that is the spirit of community building, my vote is on you both. New to the community and trying to catch up as quick as possible and am loving it.

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Hi @smooth - if it is an easy tweak to make, you might as well exclude 'no payout' posts to save your voting power.


The creator declined payout, and you flag it anyway? Uncool.


Its an automated bot, and fairly new at that. I'm sure he will add support for decline payout, as well as proxies to null in HF17.