Steemit's Community Engagement is up over 1,000%

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Content & Engagement Growth

We have seen some spectacular growth in the past month.
The new post creation is up from ~1,500 posts a day, to whopping 8,000 posts a day.


More importantly, the community engagement is growing even faster - we are looking at a 1,000% increase in the past month.

newplot (3).png

And lastly, the number of active daily users has at least doubled. The total numbers are probably higher, since this chart is based on blockchain events, and it doesn't include casual readers.

newplot (4).png

Price Performance

Daily STEEM/BTC chart is showing a nice uptrend, coupled with an increase in volume.

STEEM is still underperforming Bitcoin and other altcoins in nominal terms (implied USD price). This is partly due to the pre-HF17 inflation.

newplot (5).png

From the simplistic view of comparison, Steem might have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Most Viewed Posts from the past week

author title votes payout views
@noisy We just hacked 11 accounts on 1518 5323.8 14821
@joseph Why Will Ethereum Fail? 1234 3285.76 9205
@darthnava Fellow Steemers, I Need Help a 3129 14800.9 8587
@timcliff You should join Steemit. Here 1441 2723.8 5138
@teamsteem Some Steem Tips For Some Steem 1137 2955.53 3785
@jerrybanfield Steem Video Ad #1 on Facebook 1178 3011.12 2949
@maa 코인 투자에서 돈을 잃지 않는 방법 (2) - 完 193 0 2783
@kevinwong Why Should You Consider Accumu 1108 2691.53 2649
@kingscrown Interesting Facts about Bitcoi 1101 2011.79 2534
@thisisbenbrick Help me welcome two new people 783 1631.39 2414
@coinkorea CoinKorea 6월 1주차 암호화폐 뉴스입니다. ( 160 0 2399
@theywillkillyouIntroducing “They Will Kill Yo 782 2743.51 2277
@allasyummyfood FINALLY ITS HERE.... I PRESENT 677 1443.89 2191
@renohq 코인 트레이딩 참여시 꼭 주의해야 할 점 Ver. 01 174 393.588 2058
@eosio EOS.IO Technical White Paper 229 870.114 1983
@joseph ETC VS ETH 587 938.377 1944
@ausbitbank 🚀 From $0 to $100K AUD in 11 m 716 1661.17 1905
@kingscrown Double-spend Attack on some Pr 882 1864.1 1879
@kingscrown August to be a BREAKING month 808 1441.61 1801
@infovore Making A Change With Blockchai 931 2521.75 1696
@jrcornel Analyst who accurately predict 585 898.071 1685
@atomrigs 비탈릭과 푸틴의 만남 101 153.986 1655
@insic [ INsiC ] 06/01 Steem ,bts 분석 111 202.637 1640
@kingscrown Why its good Steemit didnt hav 950 1854.73 1593
@sweetsssj Travel with me #64 : Adventure 675 1335.03 1585

Usage by App Type

The most popular STEEM app is still, with 160,000 new top level posts for the past 30 days.


Very informative! Steem getting more and more attention everyday. It's gonna be awesome summer here. Many interesting articles and authors. Hope the quality of content doesn't go down with more quantity. :)

Its funny but some of the worst content that I have seen has come from those with high value in the system. It seems they (some, probably very few) put out junk content just because they can. They know they will still get a good pay day for the post. Sad in my opinion and it needs to be pointed out when its done. Any thought?

I saw a certain somebody post a picture of shit (literally) that made over $400. I've collectively poured hours into my 20+ posts and haven't made that much combined.

I don't fault the person for doing it, it was actually a pretty clever prank post, but it just doesn't look right, you know.

Is Steem priced in the $2 range because of all the valuable shit-posts on Steemit? I see well written, interesting, engaging posts making less than $2 and a guy who spends two minutes (if even) to take a picture and upload it makes 200X that amount.

The (voting) balance is tilted far away from reality right now, which has me wondering if Steem's price is in a bubble.

No, elder is right. Its the same on Youtube. Channels with 500K subs don't work as hard when they now that simply sneezing on camera is going to bring in 40K views and result in a nice payday. High ranking channels are a rarity who continue to pump good and engaging content every week. They know they don't have to so they don't. Not sure how to fix that.

I am new and still learning. Can someone explain to me in a sentence or two how curating works? Does it matter if you upvote, comment, resteem? Can you just upvote and be included, or is more involved? Thanks...#Noobie here!

Hard to explain here in a comment but you are asking the right questions. There are some good videos on Youtube that will give lots of help. Check out the @papa-pepper page as he has good videos for those getting started!

I feel this will change over time as the competition grows more fierce. Also users can move to different front ends where feeds can display posts based on views for example. Steemit will just become one of the many and will not even probably be the most actively used in the future.

chainBB is a good example of this! As the tech evolves, gaming the system will become more rare in my opinion!

Yes. ChainBB is a great example. It's already looking good and working with many more features to come.

Hopefully we can soon enough setup our own website forums using chainBB.

I didn't even think of that idea, custom chainBB forums! Very cool!

I am afraid, it will though -- look at the two major dump sites :) in social media calling themselves Facebook and Twitter and the kind of garbage that's on there...

Sheer volume, these days, means lower quality (sad but true because of general writing ability and levels of education in today's mass-media influenced society).

No need to despair though -- because this can mostly be solved by better search tools for Steemit. "Simple" as that...

I am aware of asksteem and similar tools. I am also aware of search being a whole different matter with blockindex-stored content here. All I'm saying is that users need to use all the Steemit search tools available or in the process of being added in order to blank out the low-quality content and find what you really want to read. Then the low-quality posts will automatically receive fewer votes and will be siphoned out and ultimately go away.

Thing is SteemIt's quality of content has never been bad. I actually enjoy reading the articles. Sit back and take a moment and focus on them and they are amazing!

Hello, I am a new user, and I certainly strive for high-quality postings. Thanks to publications such ljuyadm as you. I hope and will try to reach your result

The upvote system on the esteem app has people posting more and more.
Honestly i havent been so engaged sync a lot of time.
Hopefully this feature stays like it is to keep the new people engaged as it gives minows a chance to get some payout.

upvote system on esteem? Does it differ from the one on Steemit somehow? Never used it.

It is interconnected but im not quite sure how the system works. I presume its bots upvoting people that use the app. As I can see the steempower of the bots drop.
Its an amazing start for minnows like me and other, giving them stimul to be more active.

This is such an exciting time to be participating in this space and in particular Steemit. Engagement is what makes Steemit an awesome place superior to all social media platforms!

Absoluely, I am tripping of joy over being part of steemit! You are all so fantastic

Awesome :)

@goldmatters I have been steemin all week. I have posted, commented. I might be out of steem by Saturday.

Pace yourself good man! Steem isn't going anywhere.

lol. Thanks I needed a good laugh.

That's cool. STEEM in TOP 5.

Thank you for the content, it is awesome to know what kind of post would get more attention than the others. I hope i will be one of them in future as well. Thanks!

When the growth continuous to increase like this, we can expect steem to be part of the top 10 altcoins in just 2-4 months

You mean, 2-4 days.

Hi!!!nice to meet you!!thank you for your is a great post.i hope you can keep going to do it.i hope you have a nice friday.

I can't be inspired more by your posts and your WORK @furion.

Those are some seriously impressive growth numbers for Steem . I am happy to see that the number of posts have doubled. More users engaging and creating content is the critical factor in determining the success of a platform after all.!

Very informative post. I am still new at this but find myself posting 2-3 items per day and voting/commenting on 10-20 posts. I am probably in the esteem app 3-4 hours a day.

This is one of my healthier addictions😀

That is good and also needed – glad to see interaction and engagement picking up – we still need to make sure it is not including to many spam messages asking for certain activities – great stats, awesome details, I like! My aim for 2018 to be able to provide one of the most viewed posts too – long termed goal.

Sweet! May I know where do you find these data? I noticed many people can draw a lot of chart and graph about steemit and steem. These post usually attract a lot of vote. But where do they find out such data? As I want to make use of these data to make my own post too.

I joined steemit after watching a video advert by jerry banfield and he was like a few weeks old on the platform at the time and in an instant i was hooked i applied and told my girlfriend and 2 of my friends to apply my account was approved 24 hours later theirs arent yet approved but on the first daynon steemit i was shocked first by the payout of some authors but what really got to me was the positive vibe and energy everyone was sharing through their posts.

To this day i try and picture my life before steemit and i can't believe it was livable! Thanks to the creators of steem and all members for making this place awesome.

It's because of @Jerrybanfield 's promotion

jerry certainly brings with him a lot of followers which has really helped up the engagement here.

Thanks for sharing this data with us, I really look forward to see what is going to transpire as of this month!?! The numbers must be soaring right now with the value of STEEM just skyrocketing?

Namaste :)

Great info, thanks.

That's true. I can see that more and more people are moving into Steemit. Recently I read a post on an online forum and there are many people willing to try on Steemit to earn some Bitcoins and other coins here. Dozens of people just in a couple of days and it has gone viral. Glad to see that

Great start, can you imagine the numbers we will see if this growth continues.

this is amazing!! i made the board :)) heheh LOVE IT!! thanks guys!! I want to be the FOOD QUEEN OF STEEMIT!! I just love everything about it and already so many steemians have been making my recipes and I'm so pumped about the fact that the user engagement has increased so much!! STEEM ON!!!!

Interesting stats! I love that I'm able to see the increased activity in comment fields and all over Steemit really, there are so many people here talking, discussing and connection. It's great!

Just a quick question: where do you find the stats for number of posts per app?

STEEM to the MOON so fun to see I am dancing but you can't see ;)

Because of these reasons I expect Steem to go up to and way beyond €10 a piece within a few months tops. Steem is incredibly promising!

Some insane growth! Steem is getting very popular now! I think next month it will be duble that! Cheeers!

That's just amazing torrid growth. I am happy to have just joined the Steem network. I've heard so much good stuff about the social media platform. So far The community has been very open and welcoming. Plus all of the in-depth extraordinarily informational content is pretty awesome. Thanks for the great welcome, from all the steem community steem on!!! @ryan313 A proud stay at home dad who now can earn a bit extra steem dollars while waiting for the bus, or during naptime, steem's always there waiting for me to continue to try to make a living while always being there for my children. INDEPENDENCE IS THE WAY OF THE NEW WORLD WHERE PEOPLE SUPPORT EACHOTHER !!!

Great to see Steemit progressing so nicely. We need to keep turning out good content, upvoting and resteming. We should also tell all our friends about Steemit so they can join as well :)
If we do that we will fly past the moon and land somewhere among the stars.

Yeah I know, I'm posting like crazy to keep the statistics going. Hope you like it :-D

I have discovered steemit by buying some steem currency in Poloniex about a month ago and i was curious what is steem - and so i have checked in
Also other people were talking about it in various tutorials i saw in Youtube and then i have decided to join and open an account

I feel lucky that i have found steem and joined so early in time ...steemit is growing all the time and i think that in the future we will be 1000 times bigger than now

Any predictions about where it will be in a month?

I think exciting days are ahead for steem. I see it becoming its own economy and that would be cool.

Just curious, where do you get info like most viewed posts on Steemit?

Hopefully Steemit replaces Reddit! and eventually Facebook.

It would be very good that steemit continues to grow with users and posts at that speed if good quality maintains, because we would all benefit (more money rewards and content to read).

It is definitely a good sign to see people are posting and thus using the platform more and more. Commenting I think is a good way for people to notice new users especially.

Congratulations! Your post has been shared on Steemit Facebook!

A new initiative has started where a valuable #Steemit post will be upload on the Steemit Facebook account to reach a broad audience and attract more people to Steemit!

Want to know more?
Check it out:

Love this community, and it will only get better. Great post! See if you or your followers can come up with a solution to the problem below, we need some critical thinker's insight:

Great info, thanks. Onward and upward!

Awesome, great work..
Thanks for sharing information.
Your is the best furion
Upvote and Resteem. ^_^

Where do you find these graphs. This information is super important because we are all in steem together.

Amazing the response that Steemit is getting and it is sure to rise even more!
please upvote,reply,resteem and follow @victorvazco thank you, you're awesome!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)A really good read thank you for sharing mr.furion


Great insight in the Steemit platform growth and adoption. I'm really glad to see people joining and contributing to the community.

Nice and easy format with room to make posts more professional as we progress.
Really friendly and varied community.
Still got that raw and open feel that keeps it real.
I am enjoying Steemit & the people I have interacted with so far and I have barely scratched the surface.

@furion Thank you for sharing all the info.

I will upvoting you , please you will support me

Very encouraging news, eventually more and more non-crypto people will embrace crytpocurrency because of Steemit!

It is a very exciting time to be a part of Steemit! I wish I would have joined sooner. Importantly, the people that are pouring onto the platform seem to be a great group of individuals. An amazing example of this was the show of support for @darthnava.

interesting article

Awesome news! It will only make Steemit worth more. Keep advertising people!

Nice updates. Thanks for posting it, this will definitely act like the motivation to new users here.

all the way up!

The most important thing is that Steam It'll be never like Facebook or other Social Media platforms. And this in a positive sense :-)

Awesome post!

Where did you get the return multiplier and 1,000 benchmark graph from?

I could use those.

Very interesting data! I hope that the developers will be able to handle the massive flow of incoming users and that the community will remain as pleasant as it is now! :)
Go steemit, go!!

Of course it's up, everyone feels things are looking good, so there is so much more interaction.

This is such fantastic growth, since I have been here in January! I'm keen to see the potential of the platform evolve into what it will eventually become. What I love most is the active developments that occur on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for sharing! It's a great honor to be apart of the 1st of many users on this platform. 1000% is an insane number! To the moon we go!

Yeah, Steemit became rather engaging. I remember those 3 months when nobody was posting. It was not a good picture to observe but right now it feels like the public is coming back, and the coolest part is that the new people are here.

New audiences leads to diverse content in different niches, and new content leads to more engagement which leads to word of mouth which in turn is the greatest weapon of all.

Thanks for sharing the stats by the way, it is staggering.

Thanks <3

Thanks for the great information... I follow you.. please follow me back. :)

Here's an idea - superimpose the price charts with the activity charts for the last 3 months. I bet they correlate almost exactly.

congratulations to all who are on the top. May the steem force be with you :)

Nice summing up furion. Indeed, a lot of catching up to do but it seems we are headed the right path.

This information is very useful, especially as I try and spread the Steeimit message.
The under performance is interesting, I put out a price target of $2.75, which we nearly met, I am going to have to really dig into the details of Steem creation and price factors in order to make any more accurate forecasts. Would love to see more info/ stats about that. Thanks for your post, very good intel.

i love statistics !

great post and thanks

Very good)))

yes, steem has some catching up to do. but soon everyone will know about it

When will steemit, bitcoin, and others be banned?

Elite folks, the residences of the swamp, both in Washington DC, London, Paris, New York and other capital centers of the world will not put up with a diminishment of their power! They will try and ban steemit, bitcoin and all the others. Is it possible? My gut tells me no because it is in the cyber world and frankly the independent programmers are smarter than the "so-called" government employees that will try and ban the cryptocurrencies. Will the wealthy of the world get control? Of course they will try and it is up to this community to figure out how to limit and/or stop their influence.

very good information @furion, thanks for sharing

Wow, not bad, ;)

Cool! Keep up the good work all of you guys!
icons8-Trust-64.pngicons8-In Love-64.pngicons8-Volunteering-64.pngicons8-Heart with Pulse-64.png

@furion, thanks for all you have done for this crazy beta ride. I'd like to think I have given some portion. If you can, please show some love to my sister who just signed up -

Bright future ahead,,,

but this should continue regardless of the price rise, only then can we say this is awesome news !

That is very interesting. Steem is booming ... go no the moon :) I follow and upvote you.

I feel privileged to be apart of the Steemit community. I recently moved from a city where I had lived for 12 years. In short I felt like my support system was ripped apart. I want to say thank you to all the Steemit users who have interacted with me over the last 5 days. Much needed as I face a lot of change in my life!

As a new comer, I am quite looking forward to the success of steemit. Keep spreading the idea out to the world! :)

Very cool! Thank you! If you just look at the past 60 day, it seems to me that Steem has greatly outperformed Bitcoin. So, maybe we're doing some of that catching up now? :)

woww amazing,,.
nice inform @furion..
it's very informative..

So cool :) Steemit's been so fun for me this past month...well, my ONLY month :D I hope it keeps growing.

So great to see this! Thanks for all these information. We all have to put an effort to keep it this way.

From the simplistic view of comparison, Steem might have quite a bit of catching up to do.

How about putting Vests into the same chart? For most of that time, Vests were the only viable long term investment.

great post and collection of informative Steemit data! Upvoted and followed!

Thanks for sharing.

chart it like it's hot, sweet, nice work .

Very interesting bit of stats. I wonder How will it look one year from now. Great progress of the community.

Great statistics

It is interesting to be joining Steem during this massive boom in popularity, so many of you older Steemians are having a party it seems :)
The number of users is a lot higher than what it seems as a lot of people are reading articles while not actually logged in.

Nice, thanks for the information

Very cool, thanks

Up voted! Love the posted stats. Great to see them in graph form to really get an idea of just how well steemit is doing. Fairly new here but am having a blast becoming part of the community and meeting others. Exciting times I say.........

Nice! lets make steem great again!

I'm glad to be part of those who have contributed to the community by a huge amount in the past month.

Wow nice post. There is no my name. Lol. Let me resteem this. Beutiful @sweetsssj always on board. Congratulation. Great blogger

That is some fine improvement, go steemit!
Thanks for the information and keep the good work up!

If biggies interact more with posts of other members than their own, then we can see much more growth over time. This is just tip of he iceberg. It's just that people are not contributing much time on steemit, just money....

Woww!! Very useful! Many blogger are coming here and make steem look famous. Its great! 👏👏 @furion

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