Power-Down No More

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Today I am canceling my power down, and re-powering up my liquid STEEM.

Furthermore, I am making a public pledge to:

  • Keep STEEM block rewards from by my witness powered up
  • burn or decline blog posting rewards

But why?

Getting into a prestigious club of top 19 witnesses is hard. It takes a lot of time and dedicated effort. It takes initiative to start new projects, and discipline to keep at it and deliver.

I fear that once in, complacency might kick in. I might get lazy.

This is why I am rigging the game for myself - by abstaining from short term profits,
I am forced to not only keep my game up, but to improve it. To think of new ways to help the community and the platform succeed.

This pledge is my tool for aligning my interests with long-term success of STEEM.

Instant vs Delayed Gratification

What is worth more - a guaranteed couple thousand dollars today, or a potential for millions in the future?

Taking Risks

I am very grateful to be in a position where my income covers my basic living expenses. This enables me to take this risk without fear.

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If you like it, you also can stop powering down ;)


but you are a proxy ;)

"This is why I am rigging the game for myself - by abstaining from short term profits, I am forced to not only keep my game up, but to improve it."

Brilliant! Keep up the great work

Rock on. It's all about timescale and we need more long-term thinkers.

Rational conclusions! Glad to have you :)

Good for you @furion! I didn't power down because I have only 5500 so I'm still buying and powering up! Little by little, how much I can afford! Cheers!

Hats off!

Way to go!

Thanks for incentivizing yourself where you find yourself without!!! Cheers and thanks for being my hero :D <3

This is why I am rigging the game for myself - by abstaining from short term profits,

Well said. Steem On! :)

Keep the spirit @furion , and this is very useful, can make people think so persistent in the establishment, continue to progress in steemit, life steemit, i love steemit, help me also in developing and survive in steemit

Great post! I hope so many think like you!

That is brilliant and a wise decision @furion - Steem on! I hope more will follow this!

I hope this influences others to think in a like manner. There is no real value in short term gains in a long term project, especially for witnesses that should be leading the way.

Thank you!

I look forward to hearing more about how we can make this a better place to spread ideas.

This seems like an incredible idea, invesring in the future of the community. How do you think we as a community can continue to help inspire you, the witnesses?

I cansel yestarday morning , than get 3 ,4 flags and restarted power down :(

Major whales already withdrew for 13 weeks (some sold many), and asking "no more" after that seems quite late.


I had powered back up what I had powered down.

Outstanding sir! I tip my hat to you.

That's cool. I can understand if people need the money, but I'm taking the long bet on Steemit.

Taking risks is the key to an exciting life

Seems dantheman and a few of the top 20 are powering down as of today.


He is also now powering down the Dan account.

Your committment does not go unnoticed, at least by me. Appreciate it, and glad I am supporting you for witness.

You have my vote.

It's great that you're doing well, I'm new on Steemit, but I see a big potential, long term...so yes I'll always power up some of my rewards. It just makes sense to protect the liquidity of STEEM, and the future of Steemit. Keep up the great work witnessing for us.

Glad you are in a situation that allows you to make decisions without the pressure of money. People often make bad choices when money is the only concern. I had one person as a proxy witness before, but now I am voting for them individually and you have my vote!

It is not so big risk and eventually the only think important on steemit will be reputation. We all gonna be rich anyway.

Glad to see someone with such commitment to the community! STEEM on furion!

Finally I read something positive! Thanks for this!

Very good friend @furion

You are a good example of what kind of contributors we want on steem. Keep it up!


Furion, Keep up the great work

was long overdue :)

cool haha :)

Excellent! We need more long-term thinkers and investors here-- way to go! I hope it inspires others to follow suit.