Delegated confusion.

in #steemit3 years ago

Okay I am officially confused here. While I took a break from the steemit platform, I decided to delegate most of my SP to the @minnowbooster bot. I figured that if I 'm not writing I might as well get some income from minnowbooster bot.

So I was under the impression that the delegated SP could not be used in the reward calculation.

So last week when I wrote an article while my SP was still delegated, I got 2400+ votes and an amount around 5.40 STEEM. As I planned to pick writing again I thought better undelegate my SP to the Minnowbooster bot so that I could enjoy my full earnings.

However today I checked and to my surprise the amount of my article is as low as it was when my SP was delegated. Am I missing something?


What upvote value has your upvote right now?

Around 24 cents?

I thought only 16 cents.
Could that perhaps explain why it's lower than expected?

Did it already increase?

It is currently at 22 cents. The thing that it was the same when my SP was deligated to the minnowbot. So it seems that for rewarding it doesn't matter when your SP is delegated or not.