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RE: The Guiding Mission, Vision and Values of Steemit, Inc.

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The sooner this community ditches it's fanaticism for you the better off we'll be.


The fanaticism has died down to some extent thanks to the price dump. To be honest, I think the price dump has done more good for the community then bad. Before, the price was almost entirely controlled by speculation.

But now, real use cases are adding up. Ads on Steemit is a big plus point. The low price is forcing DApps to brainstorm business models that work instead of speculative investments.

The performance optimizations were a must. Many critics and witnesses were complaining about that but Steem inc didn't listen. But now that their own costs were getting out of control, they started working on Mira and other performance related stuff.

If the price didn't dump, they probably wouldn't take these things so seriously.

well said...

We release you @ned from your spell as #Steemit's CEO ...

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 06.38.00 (1).png

Yes and may he take the guitar with him out the door.

You know there is consensus when both you and Bern agree!!! :-)

Couldn't agree more. If you want to slip further down CMC rankings, then lets keep No Show Ned as CEO. With the same leadership, you will continue to get the past results.

Wow, an upvote from berniesanders.
This means, it is serious business..


We will see, how keeps on breaking promises. Should we look into some older posts from him?
It feels like, he said the same a year ago.
No Roadmap, no nothing... Steem basically lost a year in development

Some of the major software improvements finished in the past year:
Hivemind ✓
SMT bones ✓
Resource Credits ✓
Account Credits ✓
These are fundamentally important and perhaps under-appreciable to the end user.

Weren’t 2/4 supposed to be ready many months ago?

You mean the entire list was meant to be done time and a half ago?

2 years later Steemit has failed to deploy my roadmap, even things that were largely developed before I left.
Dan Larimer on Steemit (2 December 2018)

I don't think Dan Larimer can have an unbiased opinion about steemit. Why would they deploy his roadmap when they obviously fell out over the direction things were going? I don't like how slowly things are happening with steemit but hopefuly the bear market has made people more focused on their tasks. Lets see where we are in another 2 years, Steem isn't all about steemit, so even if Ned doesn't come up with the goods, I think other people already are.

Yes, people should stop identifying Steem with Steemit Inc and with Ned. Worker-boss mentality doesn't work in decentralized world. There are many DApps here and Steemit was the first one. So other DApps will continue the development in a decentralized way.

I don't think it's worth hating or praising Ned and Steemit Inc. More power to the people...

in decentralized world

This is not "decentralized world". There are actual reasonably-decentralized systems out there and this isn't one of them. Steemit's dominant share of the stake (about 35% of voting stake which is more than enough to be considered absolutely dominant in practice), willingness to use this stake to threaten and replace witnesses, and now the fact that the stake is on its way to becoming invisible means that this is not a decentralized cryptocurrency if it is even a cryptocurrency at all.

Oh, and the 35% doesn't count founders' stake which was split off from the same steemit account, as well as already-hidden accounts (there is no way to know that Steemit's stake sent to exchange accounts in the past was all sold and not powered back up into new accounts), and the mysterious (and heavily witness-influencing) freedom account which is or was almost certainly associated with Steemit in some manner. It is quite possible there could be absolute (50%+) control, although given non-transparency of some of this we really don't know, and given more non-transparency in the future we will know even less.

At best this has promise of future decentralization. At worst it is a complete sham of decentralization.

Let's believe in the future then. And yes, freedom might actually be steemit's another account. Who can tell...

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Can you address the rumours about you doing a deal with Samsung?

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...and how much will he rise up the cryptocurrency after the untrust rised due their implementation:

-Resource Credits: Huge limitation to post articles if you don't buy Steem Powers to

  • SMT: Let's see how much will go after the release date.

  • Account Credits: Buying account for 3 Steem and officializing the bot develpment. Bittersweet.

  • Hivemind: I don't know how much works making changes on the kilobytes on RAM for a better experience, but after the Resource Credits limitations, seems useless.

Better do things to improve those changes instead be proud of get made it.

Will you create a Steem account Faucet to help use steemic inc's RC mana to help create more than a few hundred accounts a day? You seem to have the credits on @steem and @steemit @ned etc to actually make thousands of accounts per day

Why wasn't rocksdb finished last year when it was clear that expensive servers was going to be an issue. You've done some good work, but deciding to push back rocksdb until the ship is nearly sinking shows you lack common engineering sense.

Last year RocksDB was scheduled behind SMTs. Different factors including time and relative costs.

Costs, how much you taken out of here by the back door, want the account details, you know I have them!


We could start there, account creation date 31st March 2016 then work our way to freedom eh?

I am happy with the accomplishments @steemit checked off for 2018, and I appreciate your work with the Steem blockchain. Thank you!

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Bots vote against me and take the money. Yesterday they took 10 steem.
Clvr25 bots,
I do not understand what I am doing wrong ???
I play at among people.
I sometimes win, and often lose.
You fired 70% of programmers and want to destroy this social network? Or how????

You are using wrong means for a right end, and thereby the right end ceases to be.

This is the fact, the only fact.


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