I was so close to giving up on STEEMIT, until I saw this, this morning.

in steemit •  9 months ago

Though many may laugh at me for celebrating the fact that one of my posts reached over $20.00, when a lot of people do this 10 times a day already. But after one year and literally thousands of hours spent on STEEMIT, collaborating with other users and writing my own posts, its a good feeling to know that people actually care.

I stopped comparing myself to others a long time ago, because it was just going to get me killed. By now I am use to being last place in everything I do, but at least moving forward, this inspires me to keep trying and sharing my thoughts for as long as I can.

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Holy hell! Me record is like 3.20$ hahaha! Nice!


lol, your an investor, you make your money in other ways :) . Probably a lot more profitable than spending hundreds of hours like I do on steem to get no where. I keep on thinking Id be better off collecting cans and buying steem with the proceeds.

Thank you for the support sir.

Hey congrats....good for you!


Thank you !!