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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 8 - Friday Roundup & Friday Follows

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Hello @steemitblog. Great initiative, this is definitely causing and will have a great impact on the community, I have no doubt that it revitalized our beloved platform.

I ask that you take a look at the work that the Project HOPE community is doing and consider it in your future plans.

Thank you, good to know that STEEMIT continues to grow.


Thank you @fucho80.

Will Project HOPE be making an application to become a Community Curator?

I think the community administrator @crypto.piotr is going to apply for our community project.

That will be great.

Dear @steemcurator01

I'm planning to post our application tomorrow :) Sundays are my fav time to catch up with work on steemit.

All the best

Thank you. Will look forward to reading it.