Wuhuu, just passed 60 in reputation :D

in steemit •  12 days ago


Yay, I just realised my little reputation score number passed from 59 to 60 😁
I feel a little like I am in the club now, haha, even though I am still just a plankton..! Just 119 SP to go to minnowhood! I hope I will make it before my steemversary, but I only have a month so i am doubting a bit, but who knows, everything is possible if I manage to post (and comment!) a bit more than I have done the last few weeks 😅

Anyway, thank you for being with me this far, it's been fun!


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Nicely done! I'll never under stand that reputation score system🙄

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Haha, no I don't really get it either to be honest 🤣

Congratulations!! :D


thank you! See you there very shortly! 😜 ❤


Can't wait for it!!! Haha ❤

Well done, it helps to have friends