Steemit might start a revolution and a newborn social class?

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People are either afraid of the things they cannot coprehend or they hate them because they don't have the courage or the knowledge to achieve them.

We have witnessed a great success of HF19 today but what is more important is that now Steemit is undoubtadely heading straight to mainstream and no one can stop it. Crypto world along with it is starting an IT renaissance which will eventually start a real society renaissance. Why?

All these great people and content creators who started their Steemit future with small to large contributions, from minnows to whales, will have a great impact on the society once Steemit goes viral. How?

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Assuming that most of Steemians are humanists, which we had opportunities to see on many occasions from charity to the support of artists and contributors to general well-being of the people = Content creators are getting paid for their contribution = They are accumulating wealth, even if it's no too large in the start, it's still an earning, what is more important, it's crypto and decentralized wealth, ergo, based on the Steemit decentralized community support and it's transparent = With this semi-independent social class of Steemians and crypto gurus we have a chance to see a newborn social class which is not based on the centralized economy. In time, as more people begin to realize the true value of the cryptos and the blockchain, more of them will be joining this new social class.

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Fiat currencies in this period of revolution begin to decline. Decentralized crypto-currencies are taking a major or a major competitor role, all with the support of this new class which operates on the decentralized social media and decentralized broadcasting media as well. This is where things get tricky. Every social revolution in history was ignited by violence. Even though Twitter revolution in Egypt in 2011 was initiated by the constant Twitter posts it wasn't a real social revolution and ended pretty much sad.

What I'm talking about is a revolution in way of gently changing the current socio-economical system with knowledge and proof of high efficiency with a tendency to take decades of time period. Empowering people with more and more efficient blockchain and simplifying it to be more understandable to the masses.

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During this period it is a major duty to all of people in this new class to contribute to the society in various ways. All with a goal to have a current system changed for better.

Today's day should be marked in the history as a beginning of a new social class solo based on the crypto and a beginning of a new chapter of the blockchain.

Wrote this in 1 take on mobile phone, please don't mind grammar and other mistakes. **Feel free to add more content to this idea in the comments. **

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By giving more voting power to people with lower Steemit power, post in trending will more reflect the preference of the entire community.

This will help more interesting post get vote from the whales.

Exactly. But what HF just made is equal opportunity to everyone which is a major update to the blockchain in general. Yes, it's highly possible that someone is going to buy huge ammounts of SP and distribute them for curations but that cannot change the tides if there are 1 million daily users. It's a revolution.

I'm hoping that this revolution really takes off soon. It would mean the end of slavery for a lot of people on fiat currency and showing them how much control the banks had over us. Time to break free!

Revolution going moon!

i love your way seeing classes
good vision :)

Feel free to contribute to my idea.

I'm afraid a lot of mid-class steemers will now have access to a lot of steem, and if the majority starts cashing out it will drive its price down alot.

If they want a short-term small profit. I don't believe that's going to happen because HF19 lasted just today. Big authors will remain big but what's more important is the fact that everyone now has equal chances of getting into hot and trending sections thus making more.

The next thing is that the large majority of Steem is in the hands of non-Steemians. Trading whales. If they decide to sell then the price might go down but I believe they are stock-holders psychology now - waiting for big events to go into more buying and pumping the price, selling only as far as not to hurt the current position.

I hope you're right, time will tell.

Nice post.. wondering when it's going
"viral".. better get my steem now while I can!

You're right on the money here. I heard of STEEMIT a year ago but just now got in within the past 3 weeks or so. Why? Bevause i didn't understand it and crypto$ in general scared me because, again, i didn't understand it. Not saying I'm an "expert" now, i still have a ton to learn but I'm not aftaid to learn it now. And i thank the many many steemians thus far that have helped me to gain even better understanding. I think the climb with STEEMIT and the general public's understanding and comfort level with crypto will still be a slow climb but we are certainly on an upward projectory.

Sparkle Revolution

Jazz Hands

Soon we see steem up 3.10