WHALECOIN - Now Active and Ready for Your Curating Pleasure

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I would like to let you all know that my curation token Whalecoin is now ready to be used to help curate your posts. During the past few weeks, since distributing Whalecoin, I have been advising you guys to keep hold of Whalecoin. Well, now you can use the token in exactly the same way as Beyondbits and Whaleshares. I must say a special thank you to @alexpmorris for making the functionality of the coin active.

Whalecoin is a general curation token linked to my Whaleshares account that is vested with just over 114,000 Whalestake. You can use the token on any Whaleshares post whatsoever. The best way to obtain Whalecoin is by earning them or being rewarded with them. I will soon be publishing another post inviting people to seek sponsorship with Whalecoin of their own contests or community initiatives. Your project can be absolutely anything and there are no strict parameters. I will publish more details in the post.

So for those of you that already have some Whalecoin in your bitshares wallet why not give your Whaleshares post a generous boost to your post payout with Whalecoin? In order to use them you must:

  • Copy and paste the url of your Whaleshares post

  • Go to your bitshares account

  • Bring up the send/transfer form

  • Send to mr-freedom

  • Use the url of your post as the memo

The amount of mana used from my Whaleshares account in the upshare will correspond to the amount of coins you use. So for example if you want a 50% upshare you will need to send 50 Whalecoins, if you want a full 100% share then you must send 100 Whalecoins etc.

If you guys have any issues or you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or come and find me in the Official Whaleshares Discord server, where I am a moderator. A link to the server is here - https://discord.gg/3TRuKe



Thank you for posting @freedomexists.

Appreciate finding you here at Steemit as well.

All the best.


Are you at Discord.....may need to DM....as the tokens were sent to bl ue jay3 rather than bl eu jay3.....am trying to resolve it....will let you know. Apologies for the trouble. ^__^

Lol! I thought your name was bluejay, my fault. I will send you some more to the right bts address.

Thank you @freedomexists.

You are too kind.

Lovely design on the token.


Whaleshares looks to be a awesome place! Learning more about it since I signed up last week 😎

It is indeed an epic place in the cryptosphere, and I have already seen and upshared some of your work, it's great stuff.

Apppresh!! Looking forward to whaleshares! 😀

apnara khubi valo

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That's very good to hear! I was lucky enough to receive a generous donation in Whalecoin from you, a few weeks back, which I was preciously HODLing, so I will have the honor of experimenting with your reward system! I am looking forward to it and will be keeping my eye on your posts to learn how I can earn more... Great Work, kind Sir!

Yeeeeeehaaa!!! 🤘🤠🤘 long live Whale Coin !
good stuff Freedom

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