Author Coin the Solution?

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The Problem

We all know, a Investor who buy Steem with real Money, dont want to give it awy for free ( the Vote).

Reason is simple, they have paid for it.

So my Idea is simple. A new Coin "for authors.

And now?

The payout must be different.

75% voter / 25% author in Steem / SBD.

And now the Author get 100% in Authorcoin additional.

Now is the question is "what brings author coin"?

I think best would be Visibility. So Steem is for $$$ for author and the new coin Visibility.

How can this work?

maybe with some Rating. Like you pay x amount of author coins to the system ( after this there are gone)

And you get a Author Rating in amount of coins to your post.

So more guys see your post and you can get upvotes for it. Because 75% for voter is as investor pretty fair.

I think nobody buy Steem with real Money and give there Vote away for free. Simple it cost money to buy the "power".

Immportant is: " author coins" are not tradeable "

So good Author who think they have write good Stuff can invest there Author Token to get more Visibility.

So if the Content are good there get upvotes and Steem / author coins.

So the Steem Stack is not anymore for Visibility. Vote Sellers should be less too.

possible Problems with new Author Coin:

Really Successfull Authors can Block the Trending page .

New Authors have no Chance for trending page.

But this is then like on all Other Social Media Platforms.

New authors /users dont have a big followship and have to work for.

But one Big Advantage have Authors on Steem.

if there write good stuff, they can earn Steem and Author coins.

I think so too, it would be work better then the current system.

And for sure there are some ways too to abuse, but less profitable.

And btw. A Downvote Pool to Remove Author Coins can be really nice too. So it cost nothing if someone write retarded shit. And there loss the Author Coins to promote new shit.

This should be a nice solution for Investors. They get some Roi and good content get more Visibility and $$$.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi Freddie,
This is an interesting idea. I am glad to read your post. It’s very encouraging to see people actively pursuing ideas to improve the Steemit platform. I think it’s also good to stimulate discussion and give people motivation to also think of their own ideas to improve the platform. I have upvoted and ReSteemed this post.
Thank you


This is good idea. Do you think it would be a SMT?

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Sounds like your AuthorCoin should be able to implement as SMT.

Maybe :) we will see on Smt Realease.