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I remembered the first day I heard about steemit i was so excited to be a part of it, because i love expressing myself through writing. Never knew much about the platform but I saw the golden fish in steemit and decided to dive in.

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In my early journey here I have met a lot of great people.

Thanks to @fulltimegeek, he is a great steemian, he delegated SP to some group of steemians; we call them "the stewards of Gondor" with @hitmeasap being a part of the stewards. With the delegation of SP to a noble personality as him, came the ripple effect, he decided to pay it forward by delegating 100SP to 5 different steemians. Thanks @hitmeasap for the opportunity.



@wdougwatson, @yogajill, @frankabelle, @insideoutlet, @shai-hulud and @braxton101 will all receive 100 SP Delegations. That will bring @braxton101 to the top of the list with 150 delegated SP in total.<

I was lucky to be chosen the other 4 steemians are @wdougwatson, @yogajill, @insideoutlet, @shai-hulud and @braxton101 ( although @braxton101 still have his 50SP delegation, because he already invested in steem).
After deliberations on a perfect name to be given to this team we came up with ASAPERS.
So right now am proud to be a member of asapers here on steemit you can read more at @asapers.

Effect of the delegation

The 100SP delegation was made to me today and this raised my statistics.

"My statistics"

Days on steemit (29)| reputation(41.2)| voting power (89.23) | voting weight (120SP)



So as everyone knows, I put other minnows at heart when talking, because i know its not easy to become noticed here as a minnow but with persistence and hardwork you will get there.

So some maybe wondering what is "SP delegation? Dont worry I will break it down;

Steem power delegation is done by those who holds steem, its given to an author or a bot so that the person benefits from the stake they own.

It gives the author larger votes, increases the bandwidth and in the long run increases the reputation and the effect the author has on curation.

And when its delegated to a bot one can also earn>.

For us asapers we have decided;



To encourage young steemians who have good write ups/article to blog about but so far, they haven't been noticed. We will encourage them so they Dont get discouraged being here in their early journey.

Steemit is a light away from the shadow and its a place I call home.

So far, all asapers are of great personality, we all got to know each other at the discord channel, and in the nearest future we hope to grow to be more than 5 as more asapers will be welcomed. So, just put a close watch on our blog @asapers.

My Little advice for Minnows

  • Know what you want and go for it. Be persistent and determined.

  • Dont beg people to upvote you, it pisses them off, as you know people already have a lot to worry about, so don't bug them.

  • Learn how to use tags, place your post with the right tag.

  • Interact with the community by commenting, read your feeds daily and make comments that are related to the post.

  • Avoid being too religious, because steemit members are all of different religious background and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • It is better to avoid making comments, than to disagree with the author, it might just earn you a flag.

  • Learn how to use markdown.

  • Make friends with dolphins, whales; you can do that on discord and but Dont be a pest.

  • Always check the contest tag; there might just be a contest for you, to earn you some steem.

  • Dont forget to put a source link to your post, otherwise you might get a visit from cheetah.

Above all just be yourself and be unique!

#Asapers will make a difference!


What a great article @frankabelle I'm impressed you could do all that from your phone. I'm enjoying getting to know the other @asapers too. I'll resteem this!

Thanks a lot.

Hi @fankabelle glad to connect with you fellow #asaper ❤💜💛💚💙 i got my delegation recently too. Thank-you so much @hitmeasap HUGS, if you like hugs!!my vote is now more than double what it was!!! Yippeee 😁

Been watching for your email @insideoutlet have a good day guys 🎶


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