Teardrops: "I almost give up on Steeming"

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0 USD..?! Nothing to redeem this coming few days..:(

Last week, I didn't post any blog on Steemit, I didn't make comments and didn't upvote any blog.

It's because I'm not really feeling well and I felt so tired always.
I can't understand why I felt this way but maybe one reason is that I'm pregnant.

Being pregnant for the first time and for the first trimester was really not easy.
You may feel something that is unusual and suddenly you felt not okay.
Sometimes, I just want to sleep and eat all the time, and this is not the usual "me".
Even me, I felt uncomfortable and confused about what I'm doing and acting these days..
That's the reason why I almost give up on Steeming..

screen shot on my steem supply

I'm a bit sad when I checked my profile and accounts-this is the result.:(

But, I don't regret because what I did last few days was for my future little baby.:)

So my plan now is to make a lot of articles when I'm the mood and take a rest when I'm not.
Then upvote some blogs but maybe cannot make a lot of comments now, sorry guys, I hope you understand my situation.:)

Thank you for checking my posts.
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Thank you so much to all of you.:)

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At the moment, prioritize the welfare of your baby.


Thank you so much daw po Tito Iyan-from baby..

It is never easy to have a little one growing inside you. But take it as an inspiration. Stay positive, with Jehovah’s help, you can do it. Keep on Steeming, at your own pace. Stay happy sis!

that's okay po. read books and magazines while pregnant. expose yourself to good vibes, make memories - first time kasi, enjoy the experience and steem it! 😀


Yes, read books and magazines. If you don’t have books and magazines you can read our articles too here in steemit hehe. Just kidding. Yes ate, you must first prioritize your health and the baby.
Jah Bless!

That is usual when you are pregnant. Haha though I don't have experience about it.

Baby first, that is what matter most. Excited for your steemit baby.

don't give up madam:-)
pero syempre mas importante si baby:-)

Congrats for having a baby soon!!!!

Nice post,thanks to surpassinggoogle.

I can fully understand how you feel @franbel because my wife had the same feeling when she had our first child. Just take it slowly the important thing is you know how to express how you feel to the people you love so that you will not be misunderstood.And the most most important thing is the support system that we get from the people who care for you. Take a good care of yourself. And god bless.

I woukd have stopped steeming long ago if not for the intervention of a minnow with a whale [email protected] But right now i have been missing on my blog for almost A week now and the hipes is dying gradually. If he is seeing this. Tell him is legscies is ehat i feed upon.

I won 200sp delegation power and seriously used it on minniws support like he eoukd have done. I believe in making impacts will pave way in this bot era one dsy. But when?

The fear of uncertAinity is scaring inspiration and original content out of me.

It's a great news...😍 hope you having a baby soon. don't forget to show us his/her picture .😊

Congratulations for the baby that is coming, soon you will feel better.
Teardrops sends you a tear of joy.


Thank you so much @teardrops and to @surpassinggoogle for understanding my situation and for giving me a tear of joy...
I'm so thankful too, to my family and friends and most of all to Jehovah God..

Congratulations to you @franbel. 😀 Praying for a healthy baby. 😀

Hello Soon to be momma! Congratulations first and prayers from my side for the little one who is going to be here on this beautiful planet soon :)

Congrats @franbel for the upcoming member of your family. Goodluck for the newly born steemians soon! Tear of happiness!

Important publications I will follow up

Congratulations madam.Wish you avery happy and bright future.

This is wonderful write up with great innovation, wish you safe delivery when the time come!

Be glad sister.It is never simple to have somewhat one developing inside you. Yet, take it as a motivation. Remain positive,you can do it.Keep steeming at your own pace.
Thank you

@franbel this is very common story for most of we steemians who need to depend on others for vote and support, we can't expect support everyday from a whale or powerful steemian. many of us struggling to exist on steemit, this is the truth.


Yes that's so true.. :(

when my nephew invited me to join @steemit my first question is .. is it paying or i can earn money .. ? he said .. yes .. you all need to do is to write and post a blog. oh, really ? but still, confusing .. so, without any thinking i began to sign up on @steemit .. when my acc is activated on @steemit .. oh .. i feel little exited .. maybe i should try .. my post is worth than sharing it on facebook .. now .. im here @steemit .. i think .. its not just easy as i think i should give more and extra effort if i want to make it .. thats all .. just want to share it with u guys .. 😊 i still believe that theres no imposible if you have faith in God .. and everything will be fine .. 😊

congratulations to your coming baby :) :)