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Advantages of using steemit social media platform!

As the time passed where I was here (Steemit), many things happen even daily activities are increasing. Not infrequently my brain continues to be active and positive thinking patterns.

I have found so many positive things and good effects after using this medium, it looks like I'm in the scope of campus or even in a class that preaches in the learning process. Even this is more than that.

How can?

I have gained a lot of knowledge, when I do not know what to do, so I deliberately and eager to find out something and study it so I can also share the important things I have learned here. And then I get rewarded even though I have to tell the jury directly to see what I've shared.

Lately I often call a jury or pope here, to review what I have shared.

Something strange to my mind When I first came across this medium, I thought it was an ordinary information system in which there were various advertising services or other social media such as paid websites.

So on this occasion I will explore or discuss the 10 advantages of phthalit users of social media steemit:

1. Science

As we all know, anything that is in harmony with the good and bad minds of every human being is all with the knowledge that makes the wise in his ability.

Basically we have to understand exactly What is science?

Science is a conscious effort to investigate, discover, and improve human understanding of the various aspects of reality in the human realm.

This is a feature that limits the exact formula generated. Science can also provide certainty by limiting the scope of its views, and the certainty of science comes from its limitations.

Science is not just knowledge, but it summarizes a collection of knowledge based on agreed theory and can be tested systematically with a set of recognized methods in a particular field of knowledge. Seen from the point of philosophy, science is formed because humans try to think more about the knowledge it has. Knowlege is an epistemological product.

Natural science can only become definite after its field is limited to material, or psychology can only predict human behavior if the scope of its views is limited to a general aspect of concrete human behavior. With regard to this example, natural science answers the question of how the distance of the sun and the earth, or the science of psychology answers whether a suitable young woman becomes a nurse.

So openly I say that, Everyone in this steemit is a person who is full of science and according to the level of knowledge of each. Because the level of one's knowledge ability is the same as the facets of science that are inspired by different people, highly capable in the field of digital currents and can also explain, and one has the natural sciences, the science of the World, the science of life and the like.

Then all of their knowledge is gathered in this #steemit, they are happy to share and explain the wide pot. Yes, even though they get rewarded from it, and this is a natural thing for what he has done.

2. Life

Why do I put the word "live" in the first position and what to do?

The relationship is huge!

As you feel when reading my writing and this is true is not it? Then you see my profile and it is also very real and you try to see my past post and keep it look real.

Why do I say it is real?

Did not I have written on each of the different writings and there was no little benefit from any of my writing. There I stated that this is very real and alive. And I think all activities here will live, whatever it is? Provided to be useful to other users.

To explain the word "life" !!! Here I get knowledge that I did not know before and not from what people share here, but from what I have shared. Because of what I've shared here, I have to find out and understand exactly what I want to say and what I want to share here so I can feel that my brain is getting more active and my mindset is alive. Because whatever you want to do will be delivered. That is the reason that matters most to me, steemit has made me and my brain alive.

3. Story

So many stories here that I find, from personal stories of human life to personal humanity stories. So often also share positive things here, such as life motivation, financial motivation, work motivation and so forth.

4. Money

In quotes that the money mentioned here is in the form or effort of human achievement of what he has done.
I can say with certainty that this steemit is not social media, but it is a company that employs many employees. Where employees will be paid salary in accordance with the work itself, the maximum what has been done then the maximum is also paid.

So I do not agree if anyone thinks of this media as any other social media.

5. Introducemyself and introduceyourself

This is the name of the "taging" sign I mentioned.

hen what does this tagig look like?

So much to do, with that word I get so many friends here and they just like me are not robots, if only a small part.

It is not so remarkable that in the above explanation I have mentioned that this steemit is like a company that has so many employees. With the #Introducemyself method of the first post by a newly joined user, it's like an employee or worker who creates a Curriculum Vitae "Personal Data" or CV "Curriculum Vitae". Is it in other social media like this, then I strongly agree that to say that steemit is an ordinary social media.

6. News

As we know, here is also a lot of important and interesting information about human life financially. Many users here also provide news as well, such as an increase and decrease in open money market prices. And also many other important news are present and shared here.

Useful for each of us who will receive news and important information. But I think what information or news has been published by someone is very important, if not! Then it will not be possible they will publish it here. As I do now.

7. Travel

Good! What caused me to take the word from "Travel" for this discussion?

It is on this basis that we have come to realize each other, that "Journey" is to travel to a place where the journey not only spends an hour or two and more and is done just to get a new situation or new atmosphere in life.

So what's the connection?

We may not have the opportunity as people who travel a lot to the big cities of the world or even to the grandest and most luxurious places in the world. But we have a clear idea of what they have shared from their travel story, at least we know something new, Oh the city is so big, Oh that's a very nice place, and so on. So with a positive word it can be said that at least we have got news or knowledge about it even though we are not there.

Then what is my basic motivation to make this article in this post?

I have no answer other than making money, because that's what I need right now. But not too brief what I have done here. As the saying goes "For Fishing we have to get the bait". So also here, to get the money I have to do something good and very useful. And I think this paper is very useful to me, because this is a real motivation for myself.

Many of my friends complain when there is something that they do with the maximum but do not get something expected and they are often disappointed, then leave the activity.

But if I think, doing anything personal according to us is important and useful, then the rest only people who judge. Because we can not "kiss our forehead," so it is.

My biggest dream in steemit!

I think all human beings have dreams and that is different. So also with me who dreamed of being someone who can help people here. I really like the work of great people here, their deeds are very noble like doing upvote in people posting. I can feel that happiness. Because I feel that way, when a great man who has great power gives an upvote to the post, so what happens? Yes their posts earn real income.

For example like this, I have written long here, and in the end I get something that I have done, well I will feel the great happiness and the real taste.

Then what to do with the dream, and what is my dream?

My dream is when I have enough money to get SteemPower To help those who have done the work the way I do. I can not imagine so many happy people.

That's the piece of writing I'm loading here, and that's my tip and opinion of steemit. Maybe I will never get tired of writing and surfing in steemit before I can get a car from my opinion here! : D LOL. Please laugh !!! But it's true I expect it.

GOOD! Time to wait for your comment and Upvote 100% from you. I hope: D


Very good writing, you set it up very politely and emotionally. I will be much inspired from you. Thank you brader

Hahaha lebay!

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