Fortune Dice Lottery 14th Round!Try your luck and win the jackpot9.098 SBD and 10.665 STEEM!

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Fortune Dice is a place to let you roll the dice to make your fortune!

Now the jackpot is:
9.098 SBD
10.665 STEEM

Join the game with 4 easy step:

  1. vote this post.If vote value is bigger than 1 SBD, must vote at least 1 SBD.If vote value is smaller than 1 SBD, only need to vote with 100% weight

  2. Guess the second smallest and second biggest numbers (1 to 49) draw from Mark Six(HK public lottery). Leave them in the comment with format like<23,18>

  3. Resteem Fortune's lottery post at least one time

  4. Follow @fortunedice

Note: The draw date of the Mark Six that we are referencing is on08 Jan 2019

All the author payout will be used as the prize!

Except 10% will be collected as administration fee.

If no one get the prize, all the money will accumulate to the next lottery post to snowball the prize! Eventually, someone will get the fortune!

When jackpot is zero,there is a kick-starting reward,which is using 10 sbd to bid the vote.

The source of 10 sbd is using bid bot to earn it.

The reward will be given at two days after authur payout.

Please note that as the game is operated automatically, you must follow the comment format status above. Otherwise, you will not be considered as joing the game.

About Fortune Dice

This game is created as a global lottery game so that we could bring the joy to every coners in the word!

The greatest moment of lottery is not the ending, but the period that you are waiting, dreaming to get this fortune.

This is the million dream that this game is trying to share to everyone as an ultimate goal.

If you wish to share this dream, join the game and also resteem to share with others!

About Mark Six

The Mark Six Lottery is a 6 out of 49 lotto game which is conducted by HKJC Lotteries Limited, a subsidiary of The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Beside of the 6 numbers, there will also be an additional special number in each draw, make it a total of 7 numbers.

Official website for HKJC:

Who is HKJC

HKJC is the only legal company to run gambling business. All the profit is donated to charity.

Founded in 1884 as a membership club to promote racing, today the Club operates a unique integrated business model of world-class racing and racecourse entertainment, a membership club, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charities and community contribution. This enables the Club to generate economic and social value.

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Thank you for join the lottory.
Your combination is:

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If you do not follow fortunedice and never resteem fortunedice's post,
this betting will be declined


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