Am I the only one who feels facebook or reddit owes them some money?

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

When you realise how much money facebook is worth and how much money they bring in through advertising, Then realise they are only worth that because the masses (us) choose to use their sites and bring our value to it. Then it becomes clear that of course users getting their proportionate fair share for their participation on sites should be rewarded with more than just ego stroking "likes" and "points" lol In fact it feels like FB has been stealing from me for years... I can't wait for it's replacement, @dan will it be called "steembook" ?

Time will tell, But I say steem on!

#facebook #reddit #steemit


Keep up the great work @fonzerrellie!

The rebellion is afoot! :)

#WeSteeminNow #GettinPaid

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