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I love this platform, it's the first time in history (I think ;) that we are owners of our own social media platform, in which we can invest by buying Steem, we can earn our stake here by creating content that people like and their upvotes make us money, and we even get paid for voting! But what's missing in my view is the demand side for Steem!!!

If we all get our Steem appreciated by the fact that companies are buying advertistments here on Steemit and they forcefully have to buy Steem in order to advertise here, why not accept them!!! That money is for us!!! We will be benefited in proportion to the amount of Steem we already have!

IF we're being beneffited by the advertisments we might see on Steemit, by banners, links, etc. Do we still think they will get in our way to finding and enjoying great content? How upset could we be if we see the value of our wallets grow exponentially?

I know there's this "promoted" section, but who sees it? I don't think it's working. We need the advertisments and banners on our own "Home" page and on the "New", "Hot", and "Trending" section.

I CERTAINLY wouldn't mind them if they make my Steem more valuable... It's for all of us!

PLUS there's something that has been nagging me about Steemit... If you don't "Power Up" your steem, your steem is being inflated constlantly and that's where the money comes from for paying content creators and curators... But in this scenario what's happening is that the investor's money is being used to pay content creators and curators AND there's no real use case for Steem (the coin)... We need to sell advertisments in order to create the demand for Steem that will create scarcity, which will in turn appreciate it's value.

If there's no business side to using Steem, then this makes me think of a Ponzi Scheme, and I may be wrong but if we're using investor's money to give it to content creators and curators we're only redistributing money from investors to creators... And when investors dry up? Where will the money come from?

I believe Steemit has the potential to become the Next Generation Social Platform... But why wait on accepting advertisments?

Plus, who would you think that would like to advertise here?? Only companies in which the demographics of Steem users are interested in!!!! We would see Cryptocurrency Exchanges, ICOs, New Platforms, New Business Models, Hiring Advertisments for Blockchain companies... Wouldn't you like an easier way to find these companies which are also looking for you??

It's just my opinion, but I truly belive that when Steemit starts accepting advertisments as the other social media platforms do, the prices of Steem are going to go to the roof!!! (More like, to the moon)

If you like the proposal Upvote it and let's see where it leads!!


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I completely agree. Right now the only "money" coming in is through investors. That cannot sustain itself long-term. The content here is clearly valuable, but it has to be monetized in some way.

Even allowing companies to sponsor individuals or something like that. Let the sponsored steemian collect a portion and the rest go into the kitty for payouts and a certain portion for the devs and employees of steemit.


I like the idea of ads. But am more comfortable with seeing 'promoted posts' and the like. Example, seeing ads on tumblr that are almost exactly the same format as a post and can be interacted like a post. The brands start accounts and create content. I wouldn't like to see ad blocks feature too heavily around the site.

to be honest, i think we should wait with the adds (facebook didn't do adds for a long time), as long as it's growing at a rapid rate - let it grow.
I just imagine a steemit with lots of popup/adds, which would look very scammy and would scare alot of people off

once it slows down a bit - and steemit goes mainsteam put some adds on

my sentiments exactly, it would be a great idea to have ads if it would bring more value to steem, upvoted and resteemed.

I'm still confused as how Steemit as a platform makes money. If they're hosting all this content we produce and paying the contributers how do they make money?

I guess at some point more ways to monitize the platform will come in, not too keen on excessive advertising though


They aren't hosting all this content. They host the text, but the content is hosted somewhere else. Even the images you copy/paste here are not hosted at steemit.com. If you look at the actual URL for the images, it's steemitimages.com, which is a separate entity. The only part of the content which is saved to the blockchain is the text of the URL which is linked to it.

There needs to be a balance.

Allowing advertisements isnt a bad idea. It would increase popularity for the platform, bring a greater return, and would benefit the community over all.

However, steemit becoming dominated by ads (say, like facebook) would destroy everything its trying to be.

The problem is its a slippery slope and a difficult balance to strike. We should allow ads, but they need to be strongly regulated and specific.

Steemit is attempting to change the way social works and is potentially revolutionary in its approach. The way it chooses to approach ads should be no different.

I think you could probably advertise through google on steemit's google search integration..

Good article but no please. The problem is if steemit becomes extremely extremely extremely popular, its payout and system giveaway as of right now with HF19 will die off or deplete.
I think advertisers should not be on steemit because its scamy and we don't need that, we are steemit so we can keep this alive without bothering, flashy low payout ads.

I think Steemit could use more social media features, beefed up profiles, messages, and hosted apps... people would be all over it.

Hopefully, it won't be too much advertisement. I understand the use but we have see how annoying it has become on other social media platforms.

I think your right - And ultimately I think this will happen.

I'm in favor of ads.

Thank you for this valuable article, I was reading an article where facebook has so much valuable now with many people using and contributing it but the users can only use the platform , I am sure the advertisements will come very soon , but I hope it will come up with a good interface soon too. So exciting to be here . :)

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This is a really controversial topic flyingmind, but as I have shared elsewhere I actually agree with you.

Currently companies are in fact able to advertise on Steemit. They could open an account with a huge amount of Steem Power and start publishing product related content. If they are good at content marketing they would even find success doing that. We would all benefit from that because when those companies buy Steem the price of Steem will increase.

On the other hand,

I would indeed welcome direct advertisements on Steemit like for an example native ads. As you mentioned, that would really have a huge effect on the value of Steem. Steemit is already one of the few block chain based platforms with a current use. Advertisements would really increase the amount we are paid for participation and that would lure in even more users.

I agree that Steemit needs to be proactive now in order to fight off any future competitors.