STEEMIT HACKED AGAIN? - And the Admins trying to hide it?

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Has steemit been hacked again? I just saw that @ned was downvoting post that obviously have been altered by third parties.

Check out the following post which was doing great (over 200 upvotes!) obviously have been altered by third parties:

The next post was also downvoted by him and then removed completely: (this post has been removed completely)

Check and watch the history of @ned -

Are the admins hiding another hack?

Are our funds secure in the wallet?

Please Admins give us a word on this. It would be a pity if people are loosing their funds for their content.

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This is not an attack, its just accounts which didn't change their damn passwords when they were told to. I know because I was one of them. I changed my password and look problem solved.

All of these posts are supposed to be downvoted, to prevent the attacker from gaining any additional money.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Even if Admins haven't told yet about the attack, it doesn't mean they hide it. I guess they are working hard on fix of the vulnerability, so that it won't used by hackers again. Security of our accounts is their main priority. Let's support them and wait for news!

I have no doubt they are working on it with pressure. But if this is a new attack everybody better be informed.. :\

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You can delete a post within a certain time frame. Once I regained control of my account it was within the timeframe and so I deleted it.

good question. Hope you can answer it @ned

yea.. an answer from one of the admins on this topic or at least some sort of notification would be really nice to have on this topic. so we as the users can feel secure about using it...

I had pretty bad luck. My bad, that I wasn't cautious enough. I think ned did the right thing to downvote it because he didn't know exactly what happened to my account. The hacker could have got all the money I've made. I'm sad though because I almost made 4000 with that post. :(

just keep the good content up :)

I briefly lost control of my account but it seems like I have it back under control now. Apologies for that. I am going through removing the spam now.

How did you loose control? Can you give more information about it? And do you think its the same what happened to @diana.catherine ?

Apparently the posting keys of many accounts were skimmed during the initial hack, I presume mine was in the list.

Please also note that Ned did not remove the spammy post in OP above, I did, once I regained my account.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Are new accounts secure?

Okay thanks for clarification. Still stays unanswered what happened to diane.catherine. I mean people have to sign up via reddit and facebook. Wouldn't it have been smart to reset all keys and just allow them to regain access by using the same reddit/facebook account for verification?