My account just got hacked - And I got it back already! LETS FIX THIS

in steemit •  3 years ago 

Dear @ned, @dan,

my account has just been overtaken by someone else:

I simply could not login to it anymore as the password has been changed by a third party. My password is secure. It had ~20 chars and wasn't just a concationation of dictionaty words. Are there any attack vectors left open still or how is it possible that accounts still get overtaken. Cheers to you though that the recovery went very smoothly and quick (

I hope we can fix this and get rid of all the posts and rumours about the platform being hacked in the very nearby future....

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this hack sucked so many peoples hope your problem get solved :)

yes but my account is more new and had a stronger password - it should not be possible to hack it at this very moment....