Meeting Steemit 2 in Barcelona Last Information! Busy and Crazy life! =D / Community and Steemit Solidarity

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J-1 before my second MEETING STEEMIT IN BARCELONA !!!

I am so excited that I do not sleep anymore !!! XD
Since a few days I am busy busy because I just changed apartment so I live in boxes ^^. I write a lot for the steemit platform and I organize the Meeting !!!
I will need an assistant !!!

Who wants to be my personal assistant ??? Ah ah ah ah. I'm going to think about casting soon! Because right now I do not have time to answer all your comments. Really sorry, I'll do it as soon as possible! ;)

Community and Solidarity Steemit

Thanks to your votes on this blog, I will use the money obtained to invite each participant to a mojito or a cocktail without alcohol! Thank you all for your support! You help me grow this amazing Steemit family every day!

Here is the list of participants and all the information about tomorrow's Meeting in Barcelona:

  • 12 people registered:



Friday, January 5th, 2018!

What time?



The boss of Mamaine Mojito Bar has booked us his 2 best tables inside his flamingo bar! ;)


Mamainé Mojito Bar
(El Born)
Carrer del Rec, 59
08003 Barcelone

  • I will bring flamingos (in cartons ^^) to make super fun pictures and share them with the Steemit Family !!! ;)

  • Your gifts are ready and almost packed ^^ ...
    Each his own .... Surprise! ;)


  • I'm preparing little badges;) So we know who we're talking to! Given the number of people there will be, I think it can help us;).

  • If you have other ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate! I am not yet an expert in Meeting Steemit organization ^^.


See you soon friends!



This is heartwarming that you are so busy for a cause that makes you happy and it’s fun.
Keep on steemit and share your adventures.

Wonderfull, you post three version (english, france and spanish). Its can share your activities around the world. If you make indonesian or malaya version so that will make biggest information. Thank

Thanks to steemit, in a year or two I will be able to do meet up with my friends too ! It must be a great experience, Hope you have a great time.

Hope in to Land in these kind of meetups and Would be looking forward for it.I hope you had a great time networking

Busy and crazy life is the kind of life I wanna live on if ever reincarnation is real :)

Barcelona again? Wow, you are awesome, Greeting from Indonesia.

I've always wanted to visit Barcelona. Looks beautiful and being a skateboarder, that place has so many spots I've seen in videos!

Wow I hope that steem also allows me to meet with my loved ones

Nice Post thank you

for me when I see something funny never think to stop laughing, it is up to people to say what is important I am happy

Meetic n2??!!! Very good hahahaha

Great that you are organizing meetings and enjoying yourself at the same time!

really a very beautiful city ,, whenever I can get there to enjoy the beauty of the city ,, hopefully I can get there when I can already succeed in steem