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Dear steemians,

Many of you have asked me: "How do you do to be so CREATIVE on steemit? What is your secret?"

Today, I give you my 5 tips to increase your CREATIVITY on Steemit and SHINE like a Pink Flamingo In The Moon!^^

1- Be observer!

Be careful, it is NOT about COPYING others, but only to TAKE INSPIRATION from their work! When I started blogging on Steemit, I had no idea how it was done... I followed the lead of other steemians. People doing good work and quality content, preferably ^^. And after that, I quickly flew with my own flamingo wings =D!

2- Be you!

I watched the work of others and I was inspired to find my own style!
There are 1001 ways to write and present your blog, be creative and different friends! Nobody wants to see clones Steemit !!! that's why ou have to bring your own personal touch!

Coco Chanel said:

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

3- Be curious!

To bring something new to our beloved platform, you have to search and explore!
Do not wait until the topics come to you, go get them!
. read books or articles to inspire you
. do research on attractive themes for you
. take pictures of what you see
. look around you, there is always something to say;

4- Be connected!

As an organizer of meeting steemit in Barcelona, I can tell you that it helps me a lot! These meetings between steemians allow you to exchange your ideas and to have new ones! What's more inspiring my friends?
By being connected, you open your mind and be more creative and productive.

5- Be better!

Do not be better than others, be BETTER than YOURSELF!
I think it's important for you, for your work and for the people who support you. Increasing the QUALITY of your work is always satisfying and will make you want to do even better!
It's only been 5 months since I published on Steemit, but I already see the difference between my first posts and now! Initially, blogger is not my job but like everything, it can be learned! And I still have a lot to learn and I'm really motivated! = D

I hope these tips have helped you! If you liked reading this post, do not hesitate to vote, comment and reestem, it's always nice! 😎

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Here is my own way of finding inspiration and being more creative. There are others and if you want, you can also comment and share your advice 👍.
Steemit is above all a community and a social network. So let's use our skills to help each other! What do you think?

Thank you very much for your support my sweet followers!

Have a nice creative day!!!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀

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Thanks for the good content.
It is really helpful to learn from old users for someone like me who joined steemit only two weeks ago.
You are right, one has to be himself and present real you to the world because that proves you are different.

I thought you were going to recommend taking psychedelic drugs. :)

nice points to follow and so truly said that we get noticed only when we are different...

consejos que necesitaba gracias por este post actualmente ando en busca de inspiración, gracias excelente contenido ya te sigo para leerte, besos desde Venezuela.

I hardly make 10 cent a post! sad face! lol


hey join me, maybe together we can help each other I earn a little too but I'm getting better

Wow. Nice one. Thanks for sharing this.
Just about when I was about giving up, this came from you. I'm revived and I'll start practicing all of them .
I think I should add "Believe in yourself "

Thanks for the teaching@flamingirl..
I will work on dat

I'm relatively new to all this. But I'm already inspired! Thanks for the tips Flaming girl. You're pretty cool :)

Thank news post information...
I like it

Amazing post dear @flamingirl thanks for shering with us???

I appreciate ur laid down tips.

Nice tips but the 3rd tip is actually difficult, cos sometimes its hard to know a topic to write about cos you do not know what people want to see

Thanks good read very inspiring

Thank you to information
I Will make likes this

Thank for sharing with us!

Está bien saberlo, pero lo que no dices es que hay que tener suerte!!!!
Dónde puedo encontrar una lámpara mágica? o una varita? 🧙🏼‍♀️

Five simple incredible advices for being the best in @steemit. Thank you @flamingirl for sharing your experiences with us and showing that is really possible to become a good steemian.

intersting post :)

Thank you for sharing your tips to boost your creativity @flamingirl. Your tips will certainly help me to create more blog posts on Steemit with even better content 🎀

Good ideas, good tips... I will tell it to my wife too.

Thanks a lot for this post. Really helped as being new on Steemit I needed it.

@flamingirl It is also said, like in posts on Welcome page and other places also that as a newbie we need to comment also to network, make relationships and gain followers. How much you think should be ratio of commenting to posting?

Thank you so much, I liked the part about be yourself.
I noticed that you write in English, French and Spanish, I wish I could do the same.
I am learning French and It's very useful read your posts in Spanish and French. So thank you again!!

Really helpful and motivational these kind of posts..:D i'll definitely resteem and upvote this ! :)

yaah absolutely right ! much appreciated your article! if we are connected and observer! not copy someone it will be helpful for us! thanks

Be You!
Sometimes everyone wants to see the popular guys work, and it seems being you would just not pay off

sometimes the originals you, which is more than awesome just get unnoticed

Be You
The You is a little minnow,and is intimidated.

These were once my excuse,but I got to know that no one can be me except me, now I write my poems for the sake of being the me nobody else can be

thanks@flamingirl for this.
I'll put the remaining tips in practice also, and see how far I go

ohh, very thank for your content, it has really helped me and i think that the everything is possible whenever you propose! lot of kisses miss

Wow this is great, I will try to apply to my self this great tips. Keep doing this! Thank you!