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in steemit •  10 months ago


hey hey hey
am fj zameer and today i have an idea for steemit
so lets start
you know about sub 4 sub
no oky i tell you if you are a youtuber or facebooker you know very well
like for like
and comment for comment system
oky i never waist your time
i tell you
we start
follow 4 follow
vote for vote
comments for comments
means i follow you
and you follow me
i comments you comment me
you give i give you back vote
it means we help eachother if we nevr help eachother we never make mony
and we oky hope you understand
so lts start this idea u can make like this lots of votes and reply
if you like my idea please give reply and vote please please
thankyou for reading7sbln8mjoq.jpg

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