How to be the worst STEEMIT user.

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The perfect guide to avoid.


Hello Steemians, I've been thinking on how to make new people adapt to this ecosystem, and fit in this awesome community, I was always trying to teach the best way to collaborate, how to behave and a couple of simple tips to do better on steemit, and I was thinking that maybe the easiest way is to make a guide for those things you have to avoid at the moment of becoming a true steemian.


If you want to be hated or left aside by the community you should keep the "follow for follow" "upvote for upvote" and all those kinds of exchange benefits between users. Also you can try keep commenting "wow great post, sharing with us is awesome" and those hard to code messages.


The best ways to fail on steemit is to post shitty content, also you can copy and not give credit to other people works. You can take some stories from another blog and try to avoid cheeth, don't give credit to the photos you take from another site, and most important, don't give a fuck about grammar, nobody reads the entire posts here, so you can only check the first paragraph and it will be fine.


Always try to do everything by your own, three is a crowd and this is nothing but a community, the same way you stole others content will happen to you, so try to not make friends and try not to talk with people here, we are all in our own, and thats how it should be. If you accidentally arrive into discord please log out, only bad things happen there and nothing good comes out from talking to strangers.


Best way to spend your rewards is in boosters or another way to buy votes, you can send 3 SBD to one of the bots and wait for the best to happen, also you can spend it on "promote" your own post, which will give you back a small % of the money you sent and that money will be burnt. You can also exchange SBD for STEEM or vice-verse but only when the price of sell is lower than the buying price, so you will be receiving less coins but they will worth more.


Another way to fail is to vote witness only because you like their names, or even better don't vote for any witness, if you think about it you don't even know them and why aren't you trying to be a witness, you can buy the manual from jerry and be an amazing witness.

As I said before this is the perfect guide if you want to be the worst steemian, and you can try to avoid it and work for a place in here where you will be able to work, share, create and contact a lot of amazing people. Hope you like it and found this funny at least.

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Nice idea!

Everyone makes a guide how to be successful, but this guide is unique :D

Have a nice day!


Thanks mate, glad you like it :) have a nice day you too.


I have one question. How can you write centered?


I use this codes without spaces

< center > to open and < / center > to close it, everything between will be centered and remember no spaces in the code.


you can also check this same post here and see how all the markdown works.


Thank you for the advice

I want to add a little about worst STEEMIT user....


while i do almost entirely agree, i find myself often unable to restrain from calling on BS when i see it, which often translates for many as being an asshole... however, we must agree that there surely is a disproportionate amount of misconceptions, misinformation (whether by mistake or intention) and muddled ideas and views about things that propagate around the net to a point where it's actually becoming a pollution, in that greek miasma sense of the word...