Simple change that will improve sharing on Steemit

in steemit •  11 months ago

Currently if you choose to share via twitter, which I advise you to do as it helps your posts and steemit itself. You will get a pop up as seen below, with the title and link, followed by steemit.

I would like to just change that slightly to something like this below.

The only difference would be to add a hashtag to steemit, and add in all the tags from the post you are sharing, all of which are also hashtagged (can I verb hashtag?).

Something similar can be done for sharing on facebook and linkedin.

Not sure how to pass on this suggestion as this post will likely go unnoticed. Any suggestions for good tags to get the devs to notice?

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hashtags has its own potential to take things to the new level

I really like this suggestion.

You could add it as a contribution in github. Not sure what category to use but if it's in there someone should see it.


thanks, it not going to change the world but would add some recognition on twitter

simple things bring a lot of change and this is the one

sometime we forget these little things while posting thanks for sharing them

just a little bit of change could bring difference too thanks for sharing this

Great suggestion. Thanks for the post.