Steemit.Chat Contest #6 + Contest #5 Winners Announcement!

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The fifth contest was about forming a sentence with two words-Viridity and/or Flawsome and there were quite a few creative responses. We’re back to a regular contest schedule and hopefully we'll continue to have greater participation as we go forward with newer contests every week. I’ll try to keep it simple so that everyone can participate.

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #5:

  1. @chaithrabhat - Lying down on the viridity of undulating meadows, gazing at majestic snow-clad mountains against the forest full of fall foliage burst into their finest colors, the sound of gushing water and singing birds resonating ears while gentle wind tickling against the body, acquaintance with flawsome mother nature in person is every explorer's dream!

  2. By @xyzashu -FLAWSOME STEEMIT!

This time, we had an awesome Steemfest
When Bernie fired & Rando was dead!
The only time when a goat killed a whale!
What’s a White List that makes Trending fail?
What’s @freedom under the sword of Damocles?
But through impending flags, Steem engine throttles.
Yabapmatt brought transparency with his bot-tracker
And it rubbed some bellies too hard & became a deal-breaker
Now Zeartul is hiding behind a Dark wall, all his reputation is at stake
With the contender themarkymark, a Knight Templar is being attacked
But with freedom, stella, beanz, fulltimegeek and many other concerned whales
Delegations are raining to several minnows, It’s certainly a time for cocktails
With all the flawsome stars of the awesome platform Steemit,
I’m enjoying the show with my popcorns and a bottle of Miller Lite!!!

Contest #6

Let's get on with the 6th contest and it’s quite simple. I'm sure many of you will participate in this. We’ll run this on the official contest channel on Steemit.Chat

In 50 words or less!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Describe Steemit.Chat in 5-50 words.
  3. Post a comment in steemitchat-contest channel with your entry. Be as creative as you want. The minimum word count is 5 and maximum is capped at 50. Will use Google doc to check word count.
  4. You have until the next Monday till this post pays out or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  5. There will be 2 winners who will get an equal split of the SBDs from this post.
  6. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post only one!
  7. Contest will take place in steemitchat-contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

You are also welcome to drop more Steemit.Chat contest ideas in this post or in the contest channel and you may get some SBDs if your idea gets selected for a future contest.

Let contest #6 begin!

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I love reading the results of these contests, they are so creative, ingenious, witty, funny and, above all, they tickle my brain in a way that makes me feel so very honoured to be part of this incredible community. Thank you for it all! I will soon participate, when the topic fits my interest.

Namaste :)

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

its creative ... I will try to make one

Woo hoo!!! What a beautiful morning to start my day with such a beautiful news!

Thanks a ton @firepower for judging my entry and finding it worthy enough to be included in the winners' list here. You are really FLAAWESOME!!!

I ran into the post and I find it very interesting, even motivating, but only yesterday I give my first publication and there are still a lot of things that I do not know, luck to everyone, including hahaha, a see if for the next game to compete.

Hey, please feel free to participate in the contest. Login to, if you do not have an account, create an account using the same username as you have here in Steemit and set a password search for the official contest channel #steemitchat-contest. I hope to see your entry. :)

I am to bad with words to ever even compete! ;)))) When drawn entries are allowed let me know haha ;)

There is no harm in trying. :)

Wow....simple but quite thoughful....will try to make one..👍

Perfect! I will look forward to seeing your entry. :)

Missed the first five, hopefully will send in a creative entry for 6th :-D

Much more contests yet to come. :)

Can't wait yet!!!

congratulations to winners love this diffenret type of contests.

I'm so delighted to be in contest #5 winners' list. Thanks a ton @firepower. you made my day :)

Also, hearty congratulations to @xyzashu

Thank you @chaithrabhat! I loved you entry. It really transported me in the laps of the nature. Congratulations to you for winning this contest and coming up with such descriptive and picturesque writing.

Congratulations to all winners😉😉 and good luck to everyone in the next contest!! I will participate as well:)))

Look forward to your entry. :)

I already made my entry:)) Can't wait the results yet!!:))

Awesome post friend.
really super & mind touch post and pic like it.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead,cmmnt back

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Hi guys:))) This is my entry :

Steemitchat-contest is the heart of Steemit. This is the community of creative and active people who are open to new acquaintances and always ready to the self-development. Steem on, guys!!

Nice information, I like this post :)

Great job, I had already gone through their formation of sentences,very good selection. Congrats to the winners. You are wonderful to present such a sweet contest, where people can explore their mind. Thanks for the great job wish you a very happy and beautiful time ahead.resteem it.

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