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Steemit has been a terrific experience since starting out only less than 3 weeks ago. I have not only learned a lot about social media engagement, but also about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, history, travel, online business, animals and politics. Not only have I had a lot of fun reading through everyone's posts, I could also share my insights, experiences and fun moments with a broad audience, and get rewarded in the meantime (Hello, Facebook!). This is what makes Steemit a fantastic platform, now and in the future.

Today I have reached yet another milestone in my early Steemit days: I am followed by more than 500 awesome followers! This warrants a small celebration, and I'd like to invite you all to join in the festivity!



I will give away 20% of the author's reward of this post to one of my great followers.

How to enter the lottery? - Follow 3 steps

  1. Make sure you follow my account @Finance2Nomad (otherwise no winnings, and I will pick the next person).
  2. Upvote this post (100%) AND comment below.
  3. Resteem this post.

The winner will be drawn by using a list randomizer. I will transfer the winnings once the payout has been made.

What can you expect in the future from @Finance2Nomad postings?

  • Remarkable travel stories and photography from a seasoned traveler, with experience in traveling around countries such as North Korea, Brazil, the Phillipines, Israel and China. A frequent flyer offering insights on how to travel around the world at a budget;
  • Personal finance advice - how to optimize savings & investments in order to reach Financial Independence at an early age (...and travel the world!);
  • How to make money online, on the side or as a full-time job;
  • And more... including sport contests with prize pools!

Thanks so much, and see you next time!

I am truly blessed to have found this community and I am looking forward to a great future together.

Travel - Personal Finance - Sports

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Congrats on 500 followers!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Upvoted and resteemed :)

Congratulations on the milestone!

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Congratulations...what a great achievement. Upvoted and resteemed

Congo bro....keep rocking.

Nederlanders onder elkaar moeten elkaar steunen. Het effect zien we later wel weer @finance2Nomad

This post received a 3.7% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @finance2nomad! For more information, click here!

Upvoted and resteemed. I've enjoyed your postings this far and look forward to more great content from you. Congrats on 500.

Congrats on 500, hope to see more posts as you have been since the last few weeks I have been following :)

congrats!!! followed and voted!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

congrats be happy =D
done with the ff resteem comment upvoted

Great post. Upvoted, followed and resteemed.


Congratulation and Gefeliciteerd @Finance2nomad. Steem on !!

Congrats on 500! You'll be doing a 1000 follower post before you know it.

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by Finance2Nomad from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, and someguy123. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.

Well done! I'm on steemit for two weeks now and I have only 120 followers - looks like I have some catching up to do!

I also plan to do a giveaway when I reach 500 followers x

More travel posts plzzz, I loved the N Korea posts

Upvoted and resteemed 😻😻😻

U got follower no 121 enjoy...

Nice Man next one is 1000!

Thanks for the welcome! Congrats on 500 followers +1, since I just followed.