What Makes Me Passionate About Steemit?

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As everyone else the main reason i came to steemit was money and freedom but given all those fluctuations of the prices i had to find something that will make me passionate about the platform and keeping my motivation in high levels in order to remain and post regularly. 

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Thankfully, soon enough i found many different kinds of things that made me be passionate about Steemit but note that i won't talk about technical stuff (decentralization SMT's etc etc). Below i am gonna present you every single one of them:


This was the number one reason i enjoyed spending my time here on Steemit. Since day one i was lucky to have some people commenting and greeting me in my intro post something that made feel pretty great. I then immediately checked their profiles and posts and try to be friendly too. 

Along the way i interacted with so many people through our posts and at a certain point i was welcoming all the new members that joined steemit. This granted me the privilege of meeting way more people and also check their growth in here. A couple of people that i follow are still those newbies from 6-8-9 months ago!

Also i stepped the game up and talked with a bunch of people through steemitchat, discord and even attended some meetups in where i met a couple of cool guys! Moreover, through that ongoing interaction i kept learning way too many and too different things like politics, how people live in different countries, scientific discoveries and i am also enjoying some fine art and funny articles!

I am always eager to check what people commenting on my posts or what the ones i follow uploaded and let the interaction begin!

Better Community

Another reason i stayed at steemit is because the community is pretty good. Note that i am not saying something like the ''best community out there"  as that would be a lie, but it's way better than Facebook and Instagram. In there you will find either trollers or attention seekers something that i extremely hate. 

Here is different, you can meet people more easily and if you search a bit you can have around you people that actually will help you become better either directly or indirectly! Maybe it's the fact that still steemit isn't so famous that this community isn't like the others, who knows only time will tell!

Helpful People

Every single time i wasn't sure about something or had absolutely no clue i asked the people around here for their guidance. Well all i have to say is that i was amazed by their replies. Ok Ok i will say more...The community here is extremely helpful no matter your reputation or the amount of SP you have.

Just straightforward ask what you want and somebody will reply.Watching this and at the same time knowing that doing the same questions in let's say Facebook where i would possibly called stupid or something, makes feel like this platform and these people are worth way more.

Now let's see another way people are helpful.

in the 1+ year that i am here i have seen a bunch of people facing problems like, broken cars, broken cameras, having no money due to different reasons, being ill etc etc. The community here and its people helped them by gathering money or sharing useful info and these people just solved their problems.

How cool is that? Just try and imagine it. Something happened let's say your car is ruined due to a fire or natural disaster and you are sort of 500-1000$ in order to fix it. Out of nowhere from people around the world that you may have even never interacting with gather that amount of money and give it to you. 

How can't you be passionate about Steemit after that?

Real Life Impact 

This is gonna be the last one cause i ended up making another big post. This one is related with the above but i wanna state something different here. What i mean by Real Life Impact and this is actually happening it's not coming out of thin air, is that people can live from Steemit.

Ok Ok before you start throwing me stones let me explain myself. There are people here on steemit that are from third world countries and in general poor countries. The amount of money they can earn from their posts can actually help them live. 5$ for a post may seem nothing for the majority here on steemit but there are people that with those money can do a lot. 

Watching from my comfy chair that people can actually live or make their lives better and happier by just writing some posts is a really amazing feeling. It also makes me passionate to the point that i still have my hopes up for humanity as well as the chance that in the future i too can make a living from Steemit!

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The community in steemit is really one of the best there is. Maybe it has to do that we are currently a tightly knit community therefore increasing our camaraderie or maybe because we have a lot of people here who are really keen on helping other people out.

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from what i ve seen the amount of people that is here plays a big role. For example when we were 100.000 people and only 1000-2000 max accounts were active everyday the community was in a whole other level. As it gain fame and the price increased the stupidity and greed came :P

Also sorry for the long time to answer


Can't be helped I guess, that is just how people operates. We can't always segregate good from bad but we can always choose what we think is right.

It's ok, you must be busy in real life so no problem with that.

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in the 1+ year that i am here i have seen a bunch of people facing problems like, broken cars, broken cameras, having no money due to different reasons, being ill etc etc. The community here and its people helped them by gathering money or sharing useful info and these people just solved their problems.

I am also a witness to some of this. More and more I am amazed by this community. Strangers out of nowhere sending you some Steem to cover medical costs or help your problems just that.


That's why i say it has so many potentials to grow into something massive and help a lot of people but we have greedy people too so who knows :P

I agree with this! I experienced so much positive vibes here at Steemit compare to other social media platform. I mean, they support you,cheer on you and interact with you hihihi
Well, i don't get bashed on my fb tho but I can see so much trending posts on community pages get so many cancerous comments, it's just so toxic. XD


Facebook now is like a hideout for all the trolls :P

Hi @filotasriza3, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

not only do you get rewarded directly, nobody really controls the blockchain! (ned kinda does but..)
the ideas behind steem is so disruptive i hope it changes the world soon enough.


in a way the can control the prices :P even your account by flags :P but for now we are alive :p


yes i just hope he has enough humility in him to step back and let the community figure shit out.