Students, blockchain, crypto and Steemit!

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As I had told you in older posts, I'm a high-school teacher. And this year I proposed to do something different, something that no other school has done before in the region: a podcast workshop.

If there's something you should know about Uruguay is that it's a conservative country so, when you come up with an idea that doesn't exactly fit the standard, everybody begins to see you like a total freak or something like that. "Please, can you explain again what is a podcast?", "what should we do with it?", "is it edible?"

Well, in spite of being asked these types of questions repeatedly, the workshop began and the first group of students, mostly curious about what I had to offer, showed up in the classroom. After small talking about what a podcast is and how the workshop was going to be, we decided to work in groups so that each group could choose a subject to talk about on a future podcast episode. And here is when the magic happened. One of the students suggested we talked about cryptocurrency, and it's safe to say, without hesitation, I started talking about Steemit and the Steemit community.

The students couldn't believe how people could earn tons of money only by sharing good content and spreading worth-reading ideas. They were stoked to hear about it so, I won't be surprised to start running into them around here. Just by judging the look on their faces, I'm sure they'll be signing up soon.


Photos taken by me


Good luck, this is a good start to educate student how blockchain works and the steemit opportunity

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