skyrocketing! (Some statistics)

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Blogger might know the importance of statistic for their blogs and websites. 

I just checked the numbers for and wow! Skyrocketing! But have a look:

At the moment is here:

Global Rank 


Rank in United States


The users visit 7.6 times a day with a daily time on site of 11:09 minutes.


 Percentage of users (from) 

United States 18.9% 

India 6.5% 

United Kingdom 6.4% 

Russia 6.4%

and good old Germany 6.3%

The stats also show that we have a higher number of women in here:

For more Alexa info:

According to worth of web has a value of $ 100,000 at the moment. (link:

To be updated ;) 

edit: I made a short survey about users which you can find here:

would be great if some could join it! :) 

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Interesting statistics, by the way, a higher number of women perhaps it shows that they have more interest on social networks than men.


Women can earn a lot more here I think :) (pretty women) :D

It has gained a lot of traction since the price of STEEM skyrocketed earlier this week. It's still pretty tiny though, but the numbers do suggest there's a fan following who stick by Steemit and visit multiple times a day. It's succeeding in being addictive!

Very exciting to see where it goes from here. Hopefully no more hacks and other issues.


The hacks only show that it has value! Otherwise no hacker would put effort in it :)
So I think Steemit is on a good way.


That's certainly true. As long as it can resist all those hack attempts. :)

Who knows right? I'm no seer!

deleted, because i wrote bullshit here!


which one is copycat if that was posted three days ago? I wonder.


omg. you are right. i have to appologize. the author posted this as an comment in my post, and i didnt bother to check the date of the creation!.

its than just plain luck, that i got a whale vote, and the author didnt!

I have upvoted your post!