Monkey species in the Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest

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Mangrove forests in Langsa City, Aceh are new destinations suitable for travelers visiting. In this 5,000 hectare land, there are 35 mangrove species with hundreds of years of age.
These wild monkeys sit on the top left and right of the road divider. If nothing disturbs the calm, the existence of this wild animal is not dangerous. As long as the mangrove tourism location is opened, there have been no incidents with the monkeys.


Here I discuss about the population of wild monkeys that live in this mangrove area, these wild monkeys do look tame and often near us. They look for food from the results of giving people who visit there. But be careful when you are near these monkeys, they do not hesitate to loot your luggage, because they assume we bring food to them. In addition to plundering visitors' belongings, the wild monkey also seldom selects merchant goods around the tourist sites. But here life has a very great sense of tolerance, even though merchant goods are stolen by monkeys but there is no one trader here who hurts or kills these wild monkeys.