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Today I made a Steemit wheel container with Fusion 360. I wanted to make a container for my next homemade body butter for men and I was thinking what design would match that show some masculinity. In this post I will show and explain how I made this wheel container. In my next post I will show you the printed wheel container and its content, the homemade body butter for men with recipe included.

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I started making a circle, the size of the container. (Sketch > Circle > Centre Diameter Circle).


I extruded the circle creating the height of the container.


Here I created the base of the wheel disc. (Sketch > Line). I also inserted a Steemit svg file, the Steemit logo for the centre.


I selected the faces that I want to extrude, giving depth. The angles I tapered till -70 degrees to make it more unique.




The Steemit logo here has been extruded with 1mm.


The two circles I offset and extruded with 1mm as well.


I selected the edges of the wheel disc and applied bevels. (Modify > Chamfer).



For the tire profile, I created first 4 circles and revolved the circles. (Create > Revolve).



Smoothened the edges of the wheel.


For the tire I wanted zig zag stripes. So I sketched the zig zag lines first.


With Combine function, I made a cut in the container. It would not be possible with extrude simply because the object is round. I kept the tools( the two zig zag stripes) for making the pattern. This is needed.



I am so happy Fusion 360 has this function, otherwise I had to do it one by one, 35 times. (Create > Pattern > Circular Pattern).


It's a pity the pattern is not extruded automatically as the 2 original zig zag bodies. So I had use the Combine and Cut function, selecting ALL zig zag bodies.



Now it is done, I did the same for the upper part of the tire. After that I split the body in two: Container and Lid. (Modify > Split Body)



For the container, I sketched a circle and extruded it for the body butter.



I added external threads for the container to be able to open and close.



I did the same for the Lid.


This was the tutorial. In my next post I will show you the printed container and its lid with the homemade body butter for men.



Wheel 3.gif

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Thank you for giving us tutorials how to make Steemit Wheel Container @fathin-shihab. Its great creative design work. Final output very attractive.
Have a creative day.

Thank you. You too have a nice day.

Nice explain about this 3D printed production @fathin-shihab.
Easy lessons with graphical options.
Upvote/ Resteem.

I am happy you find them easy. Thanks for resteeming

Very creative design @fathin-shihab. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to your next post with the printed wheel container .

Yes, me too. I hope it will succeed. Thanks!

Nice introduction about wheel container. Fabulous work.

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That's super cool @fathin-shihab! You are certainly creative, and I can see men would love a container like that for their personal care products. Keep it up :)

Thank you @nomad17 :-). Yes, men also need hydrated skin ;-).

You're welcome :)

wow wow wow this is really awesome design :D

Thank you

Nicely done
Though few of the things went over my head ;)
But it was indeed cool !

its creative thanks for sharing. do you use solid works or Autocade???

I use auto desktop fusion 360

ok then.. it looks similar to solid works.. well done.