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RE: Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance Aug 5, 2018

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SBD ... I read that the price of SBD is going to be the same i.e. not much fluctuation like STEEM as it is going to be a consistent price unit to buy Steem. Do I have the right info? if yes then how listing on Binance is going to make the difference?


Sorry I took so long to reply. I have been out working.

SBD is debt. Many countries have a system of selling debt in which the country is obligated to pay as long as the country is still in existence. It is a great source of revenue. I our case with STEEM/SBD, it functions in a similar way. Instead of paying users in a normal currency, the Steemit system pays in partial with debt called SBD as long as there is enough STEEM available to cover that debt. When we get paid in the SBD, we can hold it, trade it, or cash that debt in. HOWEVER, if there is no place to trade the SBD, then it no longer has value. For anyone that can read English or Korean, then there is no big deal. Everyone else in the world is out of luck since there are no exchanges that offer trading SBD in any other language.

If SBD was actually usable for the rest of the world, could you imagine how popular Steemit could actually become?

SBD on Binance would help fix the language barrier problem with SBD because Binance is a multilingual exchange.

Wow ... now I know what is keeping you ahead of me. Thanks for sparing some time and sharing this info, added much to my learnings :)

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