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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 8 - Friday Roundup & Friday Follows

The Steemit Team has for too long been stifled by the former group of Witnesses who had no clue about how to build a community, and I'm glad to see that the Team is now being given more freedom to make progress without constantly having to deal with a bunch of whining programmers and wannabe financial wizards. Social Media is about socializing, and not Return-On-Investment. This Rebirth if Steemit and Steem has no place to go but up, and I'm glad I held out to see this transformational moment!


I would say the former witnesses never held back Steemit at all. They have always had the ability to do this type of thing. In fact, many others have been doing exactly the same types of things for a long time and many of the witnesses have supported such efforts and urged Steemit to do the same. Steemit (who has always held the majority of Steem) has for the most part failed in this endeavor. It's good to see it change.

That being said, this could happen without the need to centralize the chain. The recent actions of Steemit such as its role in freezing accounts, censoring accounts, pinning propaganda, and implementing central governance of the blockchain are still worthy of criticism in the same manner that their good efforts are worthy of praise.

Absolutely agree! And I have been critical of the Steemit Team:

The Steemit Team: A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

But I don't know if you were around to hear some of the interviews from the past that the former Witnesses had with the Steemit Team, and all of the abuse that the Steemit Team took and are taking from what I refer to as the HIVE Minions. The Steemit Team and the Witnesses should be separate entities, with separate responsibilities. I do not believe that the Steem blockchain was decentralized prior to the Tron Foundation entering the picture; nor do I believe that we should be so fundamentalistic about decentralization.

I was around and listened to the meetings and interviews. What I saw was a general lack of understanding and a reluctance to act in a de-escalating way on the part of Tron players. They wanted to force technically impossible rules and refused to act in ways upon which they had agreed to act.

The Steemit Team and the Witnesses should be separate entities, with separate responsibilities.

I see that we agree on this, which is why I'm so critical of their actions. Justinsun said himself that he didn't want to participate in governance yet still refuses to give governance back to the community.

You are right that the chain wad not centralized before, but it is at least 1000 times more centralized now than it was back then.


Fundamentalistic? This place is fully controlled by a single entity. There is nothing that is decentralized about this place. You say that as if we should consider compromising on some of the decentralized aspects left on the chain. Should we ask Steemit to vote themselves into 100% control of the reward pool? There aren't many more ways for us to be less fundamentalistic about decentralization.

I'm sorry for not having been more clear; I was referring to the interviews and interactions in the past years, not when the Tron Foundation stepped in. The former group constantly hounded the Steemit Team about the price of STEEM, and wanted more money to come into the network. It was always about the value of this, and the value of that, and what about my ROI. Lip service was paid to bringing on more users, but then it would go right back to changing the reward curve, adding the downvote pool, proposals to distribute funds to projects; all the while 1,000,000+ accounts were being abandoned.

I think we are focusing too much attention on demonizing Justin Sun; he is a Dynamic Aggressive entrepreneur, which is exactly what the Steem system has been missing, and the lack of which has been stunting the growth. He's no Saint, obviously, but he will do a better job than what has been done thus far. And Justin Sun could not possibly give governance back to the community, because we never had it!

This place was never decentralized; I really wish people would open their eyes and look at this reality in its face.

I don't disagree that it wasn't decentralized, but it was also never centralized. A person like Sun could be good, as long as he has bought in to the system...which might just be a good byproduct of all of this turmoil. I truly believe that his intentions were to move it to Tron.

I think Sun has bought in to see if the Steem system can become more valuable to more people. Even if the intention is to go to TRON, we ought to consider that TRON has a better business model, with a better distribution of the token; I have always said that STEEM is overpriced, and this prevents more people from joining. If we want to have millions of users, we need the entry to be much easier, hence a lower price. I know this upsets the "pro traders" and "ROI junkies", but mass adoption cannot take place if the product is not accessible to the masses.

Most of steemy team resigned and went to the HIVE with the old witnesses. They all friends over there!