Which type of Steemian are you?

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Let's be honest. Each and everyone of us has their own reasons for joining the Steemit community. Their own motives, their own justifications.

Some love the technological leap forward. Others are swayed by the financially rewarding nature of the platform. Whatever the end game or your motive is, it is important to recognize which group you belong to.


Because knowledge can be molded and fashioned into power just as ignorance into bliss. Knowing your place and evaluating your position provides you an opportunity to determine the most effective way forward.

The way I see it, there are 3 types of Steemians. Let's start with the worst -

  1. Criminal minds

Basically, these are people who try to break the system. They take the opportunity available for granted unknowingly and try every trick in the book to make a quick buck. This can range from downright pleading for tokens to use of copyrighted material for personal gain. The actions of these individuals may very well jeopardize the integrity of the platform and in turn the entire community itself as it would push a general populace vying for decentralization down the centralized approach at least when it relates to content curation and dispute handling.

  1. Silent majority

Interestingly, these law-abiding citizens are the ones who lose out the most. They have joined a movement and generally tend to believe in the technology for the most part. However, they do not use the platform for creating content. What's worse is they rarely consume content at the rate which would tip the adoption in to a part of the S-curve where growth can be exponential. Rather, it lingers on in the lower strata because of this lack of constant engagement within this massive segment of the community. This is however, a dynamic situation. One which moves incrementally in a direction dictated by the trends within the industry and the general sentiments of the Steemians and other folk who may have a general awareness of the cryptospace.

  1. Opportunist

When an opportunity to make a mark in the world arises, these are the folks that rise and grind. They spend every ounce of their energy to make sure they achieve what they set out to achieve. To build what they want to build. To do what they want to do. They struggle through the thoughts of failure through sheer determination and persevere to live life on their own terms. Without going all Tony Robbins on you, but it is these very people who build the community we have today. Without them, there would be no original content or engagement or growth. We should all ideally strive to be part of this segment. And remember - stagnation is death.

So what type of Steemian are you? Do you think there more than these Steemian types?

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