James and the giant peach

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Hello everyone hope you all are fine. Please support my content and upvote my blog. In this blog i am telling you about the famous writer Roald Dahl and his famous novel James and the Giant peach.
The novel was written by the famous witter Roald Dahl. He was famous for his stories and won an award for the best storyteller for children. He was a pilot in World war 2 and his father fought in the civil war and died in it when he was 3 year old. He left his school and never join the university because he was bullied at the time when he was in school.
In James and the Giant peach there was a boy name james. He lived with his aunts who were very rude to him and always beat him and punish him. One day a magician came to James and gave him a green seed and told him to burry this seed and water it until it grows. When the peach start to grow it is not stopping and getting bigger and bigger. When the two aunts see the giant peach they got an idea for making money....

Please wait for another blog for the remaining story. Thank you all for your support and love.


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