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Hello everyone, it is a thing of joy to announce that Steemit has hit the 1million user mark. This great milestone shows that we are in the right direction and the Steemit network will grow even further to become on of the largest social platform on the planet. Now if you are not on the online community STEEMIT I think it's ideal you join ... I know you'd be wondering on how the Community STEEMIT works. First of all its a social community as we all know the likes of Facebook , Twitter and all but it's quite different from these social media . It is a community that makes you earn on every valuable content or post you make.

Here are some benefits you need to know about this great Community :

  1. First it's an online community which facilitates the use of your blogging skills to earn cryptocurrency.
  2. You earn money by creating great and exclusive content
  3. You get audience for whatever post you write about.
  4. Steemit helps you to meet great minds who will impart positively to your life through their posts

These contents posted on the Steemit platform could be educative, artistic, informative.The more real and
emotional the better for entertaining posts. You just need to take your time and construct good posts...

I'm sure this question will be on the lips of so many viewers , well it's just as simple and easy ... whenever you get to post a content and your work is being viewed by people and they love it, there is a possibilty of getting upvotes or likes on your content and once you get this upvotes you've started earning...

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Let's see where this Steemit experiment is going.