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RE: 3 Excellent Reasons for HODLing Steem as Steem Power!

in #steemit4 years ago

Thanks for your post. This is a bit useful for me. I am 4 days old and Today morning when I get back, I have noticed that my steem power is no longer there.
Your suggestions are worth implement. Sorry for not up voting(no steem power)


That's fine. You have .500 steem + 4.5 steem power delegated upon new a/c creation. Steem on and you can vote on anyone you like. Good luck! :)

I can not Up Vote. An error flashing on screen saying "Voting weight is too small, please accumulate more voting power or steem power. DISMISS"
That was the error.. I think 4.500 Steem Power in not enough to up vote.

Yeah that's too low. No worries though. A few days of posting here and it'll be fixed. :)

Yeah, Once I get my first payout in 3 days, it will be normal i guess...

Thank you

Your welcome :)