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Hi friends. Thanks to all of my Followers.

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I am so happy Today. I have crossed 200 followers mark. It's barely a Month since I have joined Steemit and it never seize to amaze me. Steemit is a real online community where we can earn real money. Though my posts were barely in single digit, the love and appreciation I have received from Steemit Community is amazing. Maybe it's because of my posts which were intend to help Newbies and those who weren't aware of them until they read my post. I am always happy to share things. Be it knowledge, be it a need.

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On this happy occasion of my 200 followers Mark, I have decided to give away Total SBD what ever this post earns. From now on, on my every additional 100 followers mark, I am going to give away SBD what ever those posts are going to earn.

All you have to do is :

That's all.. It is that simple. Commenting the post is not a criteria. But I would love to talk to Friends who ever comment my posts. I always make sure to give a reply, who ever writes a comment on my posts. I believe in communication between Friends. After all Steemit is a hand in hand walking community. I love Steemit for this reason too.

I will equally share the Total SBD among what ever this post earns who ever UpVotes and Follows me. Please Note, any down vote will not be counted as UpVote so such DownVote will also ineligible to Free SBD giveaway prize. SBD will be equally distributed among all on 7th Day of this post once it gets paid.

Happy Steeming My Dear Friends. Will meet you all with another post. Good Luck.

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enjoy yourself , have a fan , earn money = steemit
i follow you


Thanks for the UpVote..



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Thank you so much my wonderful community @minnowsupport

Congrats on 200 followers! I am hoping to learn how to grow my followers on steemit from people similar to yourself.


Thank you. I have just gone through your account. You are doing very Good Job.. Keep posting every day. You will get there eventually.. Make sure you have enough Steem Power of your own to earn better curation rewards. Delegated Steem Power won't lost long.

Good job and keep going !! sky's the limit !! Cheers


Thanks Kevin

Very nice of you this initiative! Hope you get more tones of nice followers!


Thank you so much.
Edit: Just visited your account. You are doing a Good Job.. Just posting 1 or 2 posts every day... most importantly, make sure you reach to 50.000 steem power ASAP.. your delegated steempower (27.551) will be withdrawn after a month. The more steem power you have, the much your curation(upvote) rewards will be..

For more information on steem power, refer to my old posts.(dont upvote them as they are old posts)
Ignore it, if you already know about it.

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