A Guide to Steem World

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More and more people are joining us recently, and I think it's necessary to write a guide for those new steemians. It really take me a lot time to read and learn more about Steem. I hope you'll like it and give me more feedback to improve it.



I do strongly agreed with 1st benefit you mention, this is the most benefit steemers can get from steemit not the income.
All steamers should aware of this.

And thanks for a well craft color version of steem white paper.

thank you very much!
your reply is worth more than a lot payout to me.

WOW! What a post!!! I can't believe the look of it, it is so professional. I wish I could do the same with my post in the futur too... Thanks for the very valuable info, namaste :)

I agree. Awesome presentation!

Artist reference: @artist1989

Overall an excellent presentation and thank you for taking so much time it is very visually pleasing. It is a little difficult to understand some of the cards because of the language barrier and because im a cyber moron! Was that 9am? for when the whales wake up? I appreciate this post and upvoted it. Here is one of mine for your pleasure Blessed BE

thank you! it's the utc time

Great information, this should be read by all newcomers.

Thank you for support!
I will keep learning.

Thanks for coloring the white paper :-)

Another great explaination i met here! Thank you for your post!

Great post, I think it will help the new people. I have been reading everything I can for days to try to understand Steem. People should read the whitepaper too.

This article might help people understand the reasons why Steem was created and its value:

This is nice, attractive and rather thorough. Well worth sharing with many!

@facer , really good start, thank you for putting so much work into the presentation slides! :) . If anyone hasn't offered yet, I could help clean up some of the slight english grammar corrections that could be made.

Thank you! pls help to correct it.

Sure! Could you maybe send me a copy of the file? I'm on Steemit.chat

It's a good slideshow. Can you provide a link for download? Thanks!

Excellent explanation, thank you.


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